In Response to Warning About COVID and China, Fauci Wrote Just 6 Words: 'Too Long for Me to Read'


Dr. Anthony Fauci has spent more than a year telling everyone willing to listen to him about his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic, but when given an expert’s opinion about the crisis early on, he couldn’t even bother to read an email.

In one of the most stunning emails released this past week, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases apparently didn’t have the time to read a lengthy, but not cumbersome, email sent to him last March with a very important message.

That email was released this past week as others have, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act at the request of media outlets such as Buzzfeed News and The Washington Post.

Kudos to both of those organizations for subpoenaing that information, as it’s proved useful as a way to gauge where we are with regard to the public and mental health nightmare of the century. Those organizations were able to obtain a message to Fauci from a Texas-based physicist named Erik Nilsen, according to The Sun.

Those organizations also obtained Fauci’s response, which speaks volumes about him while he used minimal words.

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In his March 18, 2020, message, Nelson wrote to Fauci about his concerns that China was withholding its true COVID numbers. Subsequently, the physicist said he was concerned it was too late to expect anything but herd immunity here in the U.S.

“I’m writing to make sure you already know or at least suspect everything I’m about to tell you,” Nelson, the boss of Texas-based Bio-Signal Technologies, wrote. “I need to clear my conscience because it’s possible (albeit unlikely) that some of what tell you is new and possibly useful in, at least, saving lives in the USA.”

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Nelson warned Fauci that he felt China had been misleading other countries about its COVID death toll by offering case data that was “fabricated.”

“I’m confident that China stopped counting dead Covid-19 infected bodies since January 7, 2020,” Nelson told Fauci. “They’ve been adding fabricated data daily to show (to save face) the world and their own people an impressive flattening of China outbreak curve.”

“I want to emphasize that I do not believe China intentionally did this to harm the world,” Nilsen said. “China wanted the world to believe that their Herculean quarantining efforts contained the outbreak.”

The Texan added that he actually felt that COVID had even been spreading in the U.S. since late 2019, and that many deaths from the illness were potentially being wrongly attributed to the flu.

“The spreading in the USA is almost certainly already homogeneous, because it’s been going on since last year without any containment whatsoever … I don’t think Italy is ahead of us. I think we’re ahead and by a large amount.”

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That all seems like incredibly insightful information, and you’d think that in his position at that point in time, 15 months ago, that Fauci might have wanted to read it as he sought out information about the virus that had upended life as it was known. But Fauci didn’t read it, and he said as much in a response to the Nelson email.

How did Fauci respond? He wrote “Too long for me to read” in a separate email in which he forwarded the message to a man named Robert Eisinger.

Fauci was the pubic face of the coronavirus pandemic and he didn’t have 90 seconds to read an email that found its way to him. Fauci was warned about Chinese communist government propaganda by a man with a scientific pedigree during a week in which ordinary people were still stunned that the NBA season had been suspended. His response to that information was that it was “too long” for him to bother with.

Fauci, since March 2020, has become synonymous with COVID-19 and a year that would forever alter lives. Fauci is synonymous with illness, suicide, joblessness, addiction, financial destitution and a never-ending carousel of bad advice.

The establishment media, magazines and Democrats have all along portrayed him as some sort of omnipotent being whose every word needed to be clung to as the gospel. Within the last week, emails from his government account obtained through the FOIA request paint him as a callus, uncaring and selfish individual — which he appears to be.

If anything, these emails have only served to confirm what many of us have suspected about the doctor after having been forced to listen to him speak throughout a time which for so many people was a time of personal tragedy.

It wasn’t a time of grief for Fauci, though. Fauci became a rockstar, finally, after botching the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s — early in his career. In March of last year, he was confronted with important information, back before he was posing for magazine covers and asking people to put multiple masks on their children.

Presumably, Fauci already had that information. He simply didn’t care. It didn’t serve him.

The fact that Fauci still has a job today is itself just another tragedy in a year that has had few shortages of them.

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