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Desperate Dad Flags Down Officer To Help Pregnant Wife, Cops Deliver Baby in Police Station Parking Lot

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Babies always arrive exactly when they mean to, despite our best plans. When they’ll show up is always a bit of a gamble, and you can be sure that if they’re really ready and all systems are go, they aren’t stopping for anyone.

One couple rushing to the hospital on the morning of Sept. 27 in Stockton, California, realized they weren’t going to make it to the hospital.

A police car was nearby, so dad pulled up to the car and quickly explained what was happening. No one could have guessed that the baby would be born four minutes after that, but they knew it was going to happen soon.

The Stockton Police Department shared its account of the exhilarating encounter later during the day.

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“This morning, at 7:46 am, a Stockton PD Officer was flagged down by the father at Washington St / El Dorado St,” the post stated. “He pulled up next to the officer and advised his wife, who was in the front passenger seat, was having a baby and needed him to take them to the hospital.

“The officer directed him to pull into the Police Department’s front lot. The officer called dispatched and aired for a Code3 ambulance for a woman in active labor.

“The officer tried to keep mom and dad calm and advised them the ambulance was on the way, at which time the mother’s water broke and the baby started to arrive.”

Thankfully, two officers with medic experience also showed up, and they were able to help usher little Semaj — who was coming out, ready or not — into the world.

“The baby, Semaj, was born in the front lot of the Police Department at 7:50 am,” the police department wrote.

The photo shared by the police department shows mother and baby in a hospital bed, an officer kneeling on either side. Both mother and baby are reportedly doing well, despite the surprise delivery.

This story has brought encouragement to many readers, with many saying that it’s a shining example of why police are such an asset to a community.

One person who commented identified herself as a NICU nurse, and wanted the officers to know how vital their involvement was.

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“Our officers are the best thank you, as an NICU nurse I know how lucky baby was to have you there at the right place at the right time,” Irma Marquez wrote. “Thank you to all of you for all service provide.”

A woman who identified herself as the mother, going by the name Sharda D’Naye on Facebook, also commented.

“Thank you all for being there!” she wrote.

On her own page, she shared the same image the police department posted, along with the caption: “Getting in my car will always bring me back to this day!”

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