Diamond and Silk: Liberal Elites Actually Want Blacks to Stay Poor


Trump-supporting social media stars Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson stated that liberal elites like Shawn Carter (a.k.a. Jay-Z) want to keep blacks poor so they can maintain power over them.

Diamond and Silk’s remarks came in response to an interview that aired over the weekend between Carter and CNN anchor Van Jones, during which the rapper was asked about the all-time low record unemployment rate African Americans are experiencing under President Donald Trump.

“To give him a little bit of credit too, he is somebody who is now saying, look, I’m growing — I’m dropping black unemployment,” Jones said. “Black people are doing well under my administration.”

“Does he have a point that maybe the Democrats have been giving us good lip service, but no jobs. He may say terrible things, but putting money in our pockets. Does that make him a good leader?” Jones, an Obama administration veteran, asked.

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“No because it’s not about money at the end of the day,” Carter, whose estimated worth is over $800 million, answered. “Money is not — money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point. You treat people like human beings, then — that’s the main point.”

Hardaway responded to Carter’s comments on “Fox & Friends” Sunday stating, “Instead of him throwing shade, what he should have been doing is shedding light on the fact that black unemployment under this president is extremely low. Black home ownership is high.”

“This is what we’re talking about with these liberals,” she added. “They try to use their influence and their power to try to sway people, but you want to sway people to continue to be poor, while they continue to be powerful so that we can be beneath them, but it’s not going to work.”

Hardaway further contended that Carter is upset because he was not able to sway enough people to vote for “Crooked Hillary” in 2016.

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“Jay-Z is out of touch,” said Hardaway. “This is what happens when they get rich. They don’t even know what goes on in the hood. They rap about the hood. They call everybody b’s and ho’s in the hood, but they don’t really know what’s going on in the hood.”

“If money don’t mean nothing, give your money away,” Richardson chimed in. “Or do your performances for free.”

As to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s prediction that America would experience “Armageddon” if Trump’s tax bill passed, Richardson knew better.

“You have Nancy Pelosi going around here talking about Armageddon,” the social media celebrity stated. “Well, Nancy Pelosi I’m-a-gettin’ more money in my pocket.”

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As reported by The Western Journal, conservative black activist Horace Cooper shares Hardaway and Richarson’s view about the Trump presidency being good for African Americans.

He says the reason why the unemployment rate hit an all-time low last month for blacks is plain to see — Trump’s economic policies.

The unemployment rate fell to 6.8 percent in December, which is the lowest rate ever recorded by Labor Department in the 45 years it has been tracking the statistic.

Cooper — who is a member of the conservative, free-market African-American group Project 21 — said not only is 6.8 percent the lowest unemployment rate on record, it also represents the narrowest gap between black and white Americans at 3.1 percentage points.

Trump stated earlier this month that he is “very proud” of the low unemployment and tweeted he was “so happy about this news!

On the campaign trail, Trump promised a “New Deal for Black Americans,” which included high-paying jobs. “What do you have to lose by trying something new like Trump?” the then-candidate asked at rally in Michigan in August 2016.

Cooper said Trump should rightly take credit for the rapid turn of events for African-Americans.

“We saw nothing like that during the Obama administration,” he said. “(F)rom 2009 to 2015, black America’s unemployment rate turned to the worst numbers that we have seen as a community. It was the very policies that he pushed that caused this disparity.”

“Here’s the irony, what the left wants to tell black America is, ‘Who are you going to believe, them or your lying eyes?’” Cooper added. “If you want to look at your bank account, if you want to look at the value of your home, if you want to make that the test, then you’ll look and you’ll say, ‘Wow, the news is amazing. My uncle, my cousin, even my next-door neighbor, they’re getting jobs that they didn’t have.’”

The writer further pointed out, “When you look at Martin Luther King, most people remember the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. What they don’t recall is that the main reason for the big rally at the Lincoln Memorial (in August 1963) was a jobs program.”

“Black Americans were worried and concerned that there weren’t a lot of great economic opportunities,” Cooper stated. “And that’s how this (March on Washington) got organized. The essence of what black America and the civil rights effort was about was letting people be able to get the kinds of things that control their own lives.”

In 2016, liberal PBS host Tavis Smiley agreed with his fellow African-American’s assessment that the Obama years were not good for blacks from an economic standpoint.

“Sadly, and it pains me to say this, over the last decade black folk, in the era of Obama have lost ground in every major economic category,” Smiley told HuffPost. “Not one, two or three (categories), but every major economic category, black Americans have lost ground.”

In his 2016 political documentary film “Hillary’s America,” best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza argued the Democrat Party has consistently used political power throughout its over 200-year history to keep African-Americans dependent.

First, the party opposed Republican Party efforts to free blacks from slavery in the 1800’s, then it imposed Jim Crow laws in the South following the Civil War. It was the Republican members of Congress who supported civil rights legislation in the 1950s and 60s in far greater percentages than Democrats.

Finally, the Democrat Party implemented the “Great Society” welfare state in the 1960s, which incentivized the breakup of the nuclear family at lower income levels. The mal-effects disproportionately impacted African Americans creating a heretofore unseen class dependent on the federal government.

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