Dog Smells So Bad She Takes It to Vet, Then Immediately Calls Cops


Any type of abuse is vile and simply psychotic. It’s certainly something that no one should ever have to go through, and it is absolutely heartbreaking to watch animals endure this type of torture.

The thing is, animals can’t speak up for themselves, and it’s our job to be their voice in times of darkness.

Thankfully, there are people like Kelly Benzel of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, who take action against type of cruelty.

In November, Benzel stood up for a dog who was recently mistreated by a previous owner.

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Through a post on Facebook, she bought Rocco, a pit bull mix, from a woman named Amanda Muellenbach. He was going to be a Christmas gift to her family.

But soon enough, she learned that Rocco was in bad shape. On the ride home, Benzel noticed a rancid smell coming from her new pup.

With closer inspection, Benzel found a 1.5-inch deep gash across his stomach hidden underneath the pup’s neck harness. The infection was so bad that she rushed Rocco to the vet for treatment.

Doctors bandaged the wound and put the canine on medication. In the meantime, Benzel got in contact with the seller who said the previous owners would pay the bill if she didn’t report the incident, but it was something Benzel just couldn’t agree to.

After taking Rocco to the vet, she immediately called the cops. Former owners Daniel Eisenach, 51, and Amy Shaw, 42, told law enforcement that they were “unaware of the [dog’s] injury.”

To make matters worse, they also said Rocco’s active nature made it hard to remove the harness. But according to medical evidence, this was untrue.

The vet determined that the harness was placed around Rocco’s neck as a pup, which resulted in it embedding into the skin as he grew in size.

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The story went completely viral on Gladwire’s Facebook page prompting dog-lovers to send well-wishes to Rocco.

“I’m glad he got the happy ending he deserves though. God bless you Rocco I hope you’re recovering!” one wrote.

And as his injury began to heal, Rocco was able to feel like his best self yet.

As for Eisenach and Shaw, they soon faced charges related to mistreatment of animals/causing death and served a $1,500 bond.

This story may have ended terribly for them, but at least Rocco and his new mom got their happy ending!

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