Dog Spent Entire Life Surviving on Streets, Rescuers Look at His Face and See White Eyes


When the California animal rescue organization Hope for Paws received a call about a stray dog who’d been wandering around alone for nearly 10 years, they knew they needed to help.

But upon arriving at the scene, JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo realized just how serious the situation was.

The senior dog was incredibly scared and had clearly never been touched by a human. But even more alarming was the fact that his eyes were incredibly cloudy.

Lisa and JoAnn were unsure how much the dog could see, which made rescuing him much more of a challenge.

When Lisa tried to put a leash on him, he was incredibly surprised and tried to find an escape.

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It was obvious that he hadn’t been shown love or kindness in a very long time, and Lisa and JoAnn knew they needed to change that.

They were finally able to lead the dog into a crate with help from a neighbor and took him to the vet.

After taking care of his medical needs, the dog, who they named Pharaoh, was on his way to his new foster home at Frosted Faces in no time at all.

A few months down the road, Lisa and JoAnn went to visit Pharaoh in his foster home, and it was clear their help had changed his life forever.

Pharaoh slowly learned to trust humans and is warming up to the idea of affection. He now has a bed to call his own, and a cozy place he can finally feel safe in.

He also has other furry friends that have welcomed him into their lives, and he is finally able to live the life he deserves.

Pharaoh still has a bright future ahead of him, and will remain at Frosted Faces until he finds his forever home.

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He is still up for adoption, and according to Lisa, he is even scheduled to get an eye exam soon to see if his sight can be restored.

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