Don Jr: CNN Has Done More Damage Than Russians Ever Dreamed of Doing


Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Monday that CNN has done “more damage” to the integrity of American elections than Russians could have ever dreamed of.

“CNN is so stupid they don’t even understand the irony of how they’ve done more damage than any ‘Russian operation’ could ever have dreamed,” he wrote. “The media has done one hell of a job these past 4 years in attempting to [delegitimize] our election process.”

Trump Jr.’s comments came in response to conservative Twitter personality Nick Short, who had commented on a video of CNN host Brooke Baldwin’s fear-mongering about American democracy being under attack by Russian agents.

“The ironic part of this is how @CNN is now pushing, according to their anonymous sources, the very goal of what the ‘Russian covert’ operation is seeking to achieve. Delegitimizing our elections!” Short wrote on Twitter.

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Trump Jr. retweeted Short, and added his own comments:

Do you think Russia is capable of influencing the American elections in 2020?

In the clip, Baldwin shared that she believes Americans are concerned their votes might not count come Election Day this fall, on account of alleged Russian meddling in our elections.

“It’s a question on so many people’s minds as we get closer to November, like, will my vote count? What is Russia up to?” she said during CNN’s continuing coverage of all things Russia last week.

The younger Trump brings up a valid point: Could the establishment media’s obsession with election meddling by foreign operatives do more harm to the integrity of the country’s elections than the actual meddlers?

Has the steady drip of CNN coverage about Russia scared its viewers into believing that the United States of America cannot conduct its elections in a free and secure manner — far from the meddling of a foreign power half the world away?

The entire idea that Russian operatives have the capability to pick and choose our elected officials at will is absurd.

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The U.S. is not a banana republic built on a shaky foundation. We are the world’s superpower and the home of democracy.

Is using social media in an attempt to assist the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, as the Russians allegedly did during the 2016 election cycle, really enough to influence who becomes president?

Yet CNN has taken the Russia narrative and driven it into the ground for nearly four years.

Russia is not dividing Americans, at least not on its own.

The blame for the current political and social divide falls solely on the shoulders of the establishment media, and particularly partisan CNN.

The idea that a state actor such as Russia could somehow determine the outcome of an American election is pure fantasy.

Meanwhile, the hysteria and hyperbole from CNN poses a genuine threat to American democracy. The network’s hosts and guests are undermining the integrity of the electoral process by sowing seeds of doubt into the minds of viewers.

The cornerstone of a fair election is and always has been the belief that each and every vote counts.

Americans must believe that our elections are conducted fairly.

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