Don Lemon Actually Goes There, Coins New 'White Terrorism' Phrase


There seem to be two sets of rules in today’s America: One for liberals, and one for everyone else.

It wasn’t that long ago that the left was wringing its hands at the prospect of racial profiling. They banded together to label President Trump a “racist” for implying — unfortunately correctly — that rapists and murders do cross the border from Mexico to commit crimes.

And it was the same leftists who went into hysterics after the president imposed a travel ban on non-citizens from unstable countries with known problems with extremism. Even though the Supreme Court sided with Trump, liberals declared that it was a “Muslim ban” and wailed that this was unacceptable and bigoted profiling.

But none other than CNN’s Don Lemon, perhaps one of the most liberal anchors on cable news, has apparently decided that racial profiling needs to be done … at least, as long as white people are the ones in the spotlight.

On Saturday, Lemon used the tragic synagogue shooting in Poway, California to go on a bizarre tangent about “white terrorism,” all while suggesting that racial profiling was now needed.

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The disturbing exchange started when CNN guest Rabbi Joshua Stanton suggested that the political right was spurring hate crimes.

He expressed concern about “people who I fear are radicalized based on white supremacist ideology,” before adding that Americans “unfortunately now do live in fear of domestic terrorism and white supremacist hate.”

Stanton then hinted at Trump’s presidency being a contributing factor, referencing the Charlottesville incident and declaring, “I fear that politicians have brought hate mainstream in normalizing the rhetoric.”

It seems Lemon’s ears perked up, because he took that theme and ran with it. “Rabbi, let’s have the conversation that many people fear,” the CNN anchor said.

Then he seemed to coin a new, race-centered term: White terrorism.

“We talked about terrorism and domestic terrorism — white terrorism — in this country, people are… people are afraid to talk about it and if you talk about it you’re deemed racist or you’re un-American,” Lemon continued.

Yes, after years of insisting that skin color doesn’t matter especially when discussing crimes, liberals appear to now be jumping at the chance to insist that criminals should be labeled by their skin color.

Lemon’s rant then became even more strange, as he seemed to be concerned that it needed to be easier to profile people.

“I was having this conversation as I was coming to the studio, how do you profile the average person who may not look like they’re Muslim — they may not be dark-skinned, they may just, you know, be a brown haired guy you may just see at the supermarket,” he said.

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Here’s a thought: You could maybe judge people based on their actions instead of their skin tone, but that didn’t seem to be enough for Lemon.

“How do you [profile people] and why is it so difficult for us to have that conversation, which is desperately needed?” the CNN reporter continued.

By using the term “white terrorism,” Lemon was echoing his earlier sentiments about white men being “the biggest terror threat in this country.” Forget Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous dream of a colorblind America; CNN would rather profile and group people by the color of their skin.

Do you think Lemon is advocating for racial profiling?

There are so many problems with this CNN segment that it’s hard to know where to start.

The most glaring, of course, is the absolute double standard imposed by the left when dealing with the topic of crime and race.

Despite the reality that African American crime rates are alarmingly high, for instance, never do you hear Lemon or any other reporter ranting about “black terrorism” — even when racial hatred is part of the crime, as with the attack on Dallas police officers carried out by a man linked to the New Black Panther Party.

When people of Middle Eastern descent commit attacks, do you hear Lemon labeling it “brown terrorism?” Of course not; he would instantly be labeled a race-baiter.

Yet replace black or brown with “white” and suddenly this kind of rhetoric is acceptable to the left.

Then there’s the fact that the “white terrorism” narrative falls apart when you look at what actually happened. The synagogue shooting sadly killed one person. Her name was Lori Gilbert-Kaye — and she was white.

While it’s clear that the despicable criminal behind the heinous shooting was unhinged and harbored anti-Semitic views, the left’s attempt to link him to a larger problem — among the white community or Donald Trump specifically — doesn’t really make much sense.

The reality is that hate crimes may not be spiking at all, but the apparent increase is due to how they are reported.

And as CNN’s own on-screen graphic confirmed, statistics show that the majority of religious hate crimes are anti-Jewish. Like the victim killed in this shooting, many American Jews are white.

President Trump has close family who are Jewish, and the president has been a stalwart ally of the Jewish community.

“The rabbi injured in the California synagogue shooting on Saturday said he found comfort in a personal call from President Donald Trump,” reported USA Today.

“He was just so comforting,” Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein said after he received a surprise call from Trump. “I’m really grateful to our president for taking the time and making that effort to share with us his comfort and consolation.”

“We spoke about the moment of silence. And he spoke about his love of peace and Judaism and Israel,” the rabbi who was injured in the shooting continued.

Love of peace and Judaism. We’re supposed to believe that this president is the same person spurring “white terrorism” across America?

Or, just maybe, Don Lemon is full of it. Every crime like this is tragic, no matter who is behind it.

By trying to make this incident about skin color, Lemon isn’t helping to heal. He’s trying to further divide and spark animosity among Americans, and that should be completely inexcusable.

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