Drunk Teen Breaks Into Airbnb, Gets Bad News When He Wakes Up


A drunken teen stumbled into and passed out in the wrong house last week in Wisconsin, and the situation had the home’s tenants — police officers — laughing about it online.

According to WISN-TV in Milwaukee, three sheriff’s deputies from Flathead County, Montana, were in Milwaukee last week for training, and rather than rent a hotel, the men rented out a home in the city’s downtown area using the service Airbnb. The lawmen woke up on Friday to find that they had unknowingly bunked for the night with another person — a teen who was found passed out in an upstairs bedroom.

One of the lawmen, Flathead County Deputy Charles Pesola, shared a breakdown of what happened on TikTok, and then he posted that video elsewhere online — where it went viral.

“This silly guy found the one Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin loaded with cops. He woke up in handcuffs,” Pesola said on the video.

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The Montana deputy said that he’d heard the young man come in, but had mistaken him for one of his law enforcement buddies. The following morning, they all realized that they’d had an uninvited guest in the house with them all night.

These gentlemen, despite being law enforcement, were out of their jurisdiction. What do cops do when they’re out of town, and they witness lawlessness? They call the police, just like everyone else.

From the video shared online of the unidentified 19-year-old, who was handcuffed and appeared confused after being roused from a reported drunken stupor, seemed as surprised as the officers at his predicament.

He also said that this incident wasn’t the first time he’d gotten drunk and woken up somewhere with no memory of how he got there.

Isn’t being young and dumb fun?

Despite the laughter, Pesola told WISN he was glad the young man had walked into their house, and not another.

“What if that dude stumbled into a bed with a kid, or my wife? I mean, it could have been a different morning right? So, wrong place, wrong time, lucky that there’s dudes that actually know how to handle that,” he said. “He had no idea where he was. He had no idea where he thought he was. He didn’t know where he came from.”

Pesola also said he wanted to share the strange and funny tale to show the human side of police officers amid a climate that poses challenges for those who wear badges.

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“I try to make everything a TikTok video. Part of what I do in our community is put myself out in front of people to be a real person. Cops have a hard time right now and when they can see we’re still having fun and still real people and we’re good, it’s a good thing,” Pesola told WISN.

As for the teen who was arrested, he wasn’t charged with a crime, as police in Milwaukee chalked up his actions to an honest misunderstanding, while the out-of-state officers didn’t press charges.

“He made a mistake, it’s OK we’re gonna get over it and at the end of the day, we can smile about it,” Flathead County Deputy Matt Vander Ark told WISN.

Do you think anti-police sentiment is affecting the way cops do their jobs?

These cops laughed off the incident, which arguably could have turned out differently, had the teen found his way into another home. Perhaps the young man can use this situation as an opportunity to reevaluate things for his future.

Drinking to the point of not remembering where you came from, or how you ended up where you woke up, might be a sign that you should put down the alcohol while you’re still young.

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