Earth's Temp Has Dropped Since Trump Elected


(Correction: An earlier version of this article failed to identify the source of this article as commentary, and a correction to that then misstated the amount of cooling represented in the NASA data set referenced below. Those errors have been corrected, and we apologize both for our mistakes and any confusion they have caused. — Ed. note)

According to one analysis, following Donald Trump’s election in Nov. 2016, the earth has reportedly experienced its fastest 20 month cooling period since 1916.

Commentator Rowan Dean stated on Australia’s Sky News that there has been a 0.454 degrees Celsius drop in global temperatures over the time period, which translates to almost one degree Fahrenheit.

He explained, contrary to climate change alarmists’ predictions, rising seas are not engulfing the land.

Based on 1984 Satellite images, Dean stated 24 percent of world’s beaches have indeed shrank, but 28 percent have grown bigger, giving the world over 3,660 square miles more beach coast line than 30 years ago.

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NASA statistics (page 4 of linked PDF) showed that the earth has cooled by approximately 0.15 degree Fahrenheit in 2017.

Among Trump’s early decisions as president was to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Accord entered into by former President Barack Obama.

“Not only does this deal subject our citizens to harsh economic restrictions, it fails to live up to our environmental ideals,” Trump said in June 2017.

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He continued, “As someone who cares deeply about the environment, which I do, I cannot in good conscience support a deal that punishes the United States — which is what it does -– the world’s leader in environmental protection, while imposing no meaningful obligations on the world’s leading polluters.”

Trump further noted, “Even if the Paris Agreement were implemented in full, with total compliance from all nations, it is estimated it would only produce a two-tenths of one degree…Celsius reduction in global temperature by the year 2100.”

At the turn of this year, the president noted the record cold temperatures the East was experiencing and quipped “perhaps we could use a little bit of good old Global Warming.”

A few days later, former Vice President Al Gore tweeted that he believed climate change was the culprit behind the freezing temperatures.

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Gore, who starred in the Academy-Award winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” (2006) about the perils of global warming, tweeted, “It’s bitter cold in parts of the U.S, but…that’s exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis.”

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi, who worked for AccuWeather for over three decades, completely disagrees with Gore’s assessment, calling the view “flat out insanity and deception.”

“To tell the public that events that have occurred countless times before with no climate change attribution, is just that, is not science…It’s climate ambulance chasing, nothing more,” he said.

In another tweet, Bastardi wrote, “Solid use of past patterns predicted Major early cold from OCTOBER!” He also explained the weather patterns predate man-made carbon emissions being even a possible factor.

Among the dire predictions in “An Inconvenient Truth” that have proven not to be true was that carbon dioxide emissions would continue to increase, causing a significant rise in the Earth’s temperatures, leading to a melting polar ice cap, rising seas and more frequent violent storms like 2005’s Category 5 Hurricane Katrina.

Temperatures have not increased significantly, the polar ice cap has been growing, the rise in sea levels has been exaggerated, and no hurricanes over Category 3 made landfall in the United States from 2005 until 2017.

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