Egyptian Immigrant After Molesting 13 Women: I Didn't Know It Was Wrong


Are all cultures and belief systems equal?

Liberals often act as if the answer is yes, and take stances on multiculturalism and border enforcement that are shaped by this assumption.

Conservatives, in contrast, tend to believe that some cultures are incompatible with American and western values — and a disturbing case in Europe definitely reinforces that view.

A Muslim immigrant to Germany has been charged with committing more than a dozen sexual assaults and at least one rape over a period of three years.

Shockingly, he confessed to the crimes — which included groping women and fondling himself on busy subways — but gave a disturbing reason for his offenses.

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During a court appearance, the suspect named Ali E. declared that he had no idea that sexually attacking women was illegal, because he could get away with it in his home country of Egypt.

“Nobody told me that this is wrong,” the 29-year-old man insisted, according to an English translation from the German newspaper BZ Berlin.

“In Egypt, things like that happen a lot, they do not punish them. I do not know any laws,” continued the accused criminal, despite the fact that he has been living in Europe for 15 years.

That excuse didn’t seem to impress the judge, who asked incredulously if Ali truly believed he could behave in that lewd manner. When claiming that it was allowed in Egypt didn’t work, the suspect listed a number of equally weak reasons for his crimes.

Do you believe unchecked immigration is connected to sexual crimes?

The Muslim immigrant went on to blame “drugs, Satan and the interpreter,” according to the translated BZ Berlin article.

Yes, it turns out that even after a decade and a half in Germany, the Egyptian immigrant didn’t bother to learn his second country’s language, either.

As the news blog Jihad Watch pointed out, the man may have actually been honest when he insisted that he didn’t think sexually assaulting women was bad, as distasteful as that sounds.

“He is likely telling the truth,” said Robert Spencer, an expert on radical Islam who has authored several books.

“In Egypt, if a woman ventures out with her hair uncovered, she is risking being sexually assaulted. So he brought these attitudes to Germany. What else did anyone expect?” he asked.

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That’s a very good question, and one that gets to the core of the left’s flawed views on multiculturalism and mass immigration.

Bumper-sticker slogans like “diversity is our strength” and “coexist” only work if the people involved actually share the same basic values. When outsiders have radically different beliefs about acceptable behavior, however, chaos ensues.

Sharia-based Islam is one of those radical beliefs. One look at the consequences of out-of-control immigration from predominantly Islamic countries to places like Germany, Sweden and even the United Kingdom make that immensely clear.

Although leftist professors in elitist colleges might disagree, the reality is that there are dramatically different cultural standards between most Middle Eastern countries and the west. Some of them are fundamentally incompatible with our values … and when immigrants like Ali are imported en masse, it is often women and girls who are most hurt.

This certainly doesn’t mean that Muslims cannot live successfully in the west; millions of law-abiding Muslim Americans do so every day in the United States. What it does mean, however, is that the culture and environment from which immigrants come must be a serious consideration.

Europe is not Egypt, and neither is America. Until officials on both continents realize that unvetted immigration has real-world consequences, more people will be needlessly put at risk … and that, perhaps, is the real crime.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.