Elon Musk Haters Melt Down After Seeing Who Twitter CEO Sat Next to at Super Bowl


Unhinged liberals lost their minds after seeing Twitter owner Elon Musk sitting next to Rupert Murdoch on Sunday at State Farm Stadium in Arizona during Super Bowl LVII.

A brief video clip during the game showed Murdoch — the chairman of Fox Corp. and executive chairman of News Corp. — unwrapping a hot dog while his daughter, Elisabeth Murdoch, talked to Musk.

Liberals on social media lost their minds over the images of Musk and the Fox boss together.

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Perhaps the most histrionic and paranoid reaction came from CNN’s Don Lemon, who claimed he was scared because the two billionaires benignly sat next to each other.

As is typical of ratings-starved CNN — which championed the Russia collusion hoax and other baseless conspiracy theories — Lemon suggested that Musk and Murdoch must be colluding because they were seated together.

“You see Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch sitting there together. That gets people to wonder,” Lemon said Monday on “CNN This Morning.”

“And for some, it is confirmation that, ‘See, that’s why he shouldn’t have done the interview with Fox. It’s all, they’re all in collusion, out to get Joe Biden and liberals and the administration.'”

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He was referring to Biden’s decision to break with tradition and skip the traditional presidential interview before the Super Bowl, which aired on Fox.

Lemon’s co-host, Kaitlan Collins, said she wasn’t surprised that two billionaires sat next to each other at the Super Bowl, and their liberal guest Ben Smith agreed.

However, Lemon insisted he was “kinda surprised” to see the duo seated side by side and griped, “Wow … It’s a little frightening.”

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Many others were horrified over the images of the men together. Never mind the fact that famous people tend to know other famous people, including the small class of billionaire business moguls.

By now, the Tesla owner is used to left-wing meltdowns whenever he’s in physical proximity to any conservative public figure. The same thing happened at the World Cup in December when he stood next to former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Musk poked fun at the contrived controversy Sunday and joked that he and Murdoch discussed the cryptocurrency dogecoin in response to a Twitter user’s request for silly reactions.

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York wasn’t amused, saying of Musk sitting with Murdoch, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Liberals might want to think twice before playing the “Guilt by Association” game.

Like everyone else, Musk can sit next to whomever he wants.

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