Embattled VP Harris Gives Chinese Communists the Christmas Present at the Top of Their List


Vice President Kamala Harris seems to be in appeasement mode as her dismal poll numbers tank to record lows.

On Monday, Harris took a sharply different approach than her boss when she refused to blame the recent surge in COVID-19 cases on the unvaccinated.

In so doing, the California Democrat also gave a free pass to communist China, whom many blame for the global pandemic.

“I don’t think this is a moment to talk about fault,” Harris told CBS News on Monday. “It is no one’s fault that this virus hit our shores or hit the world.”

At the time, Harris was responding to the question, “Is it the fault of the unvaccinated?”

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Her response differed dramatically from that of President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly blamed and demonized the unvaccinated.

For the record, many of the infected — including Democratic senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker — are tripled-vaxxed.

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In Oregon, hundreds of fully-vaccinated individuals have died from COVID-19 — all while Biden warns the unvaccinated that this will be a “winter of death” for them.

While Harris and Biden differ on which Americans they blame for the pandemic, they’re both careful to not blame the Chinese government, which covered up the extent and severity of COVID-19 when it first erupted in Wuhan in December 2019.

A damning report released by the House Foreign Affairs Committee that examined the origins of the virus concluded: “It is beyond doubt that the [Chinese Communist Party] actively engaged in a cover-up designed to obfuscate data, hide relevant public health information, and suppress doctors and journalists who attempted to warn the world.”

According to the Post, the report stated: “Research shows the CCP could have reduced the number of cases in China by up to 95 percent had it fulfilled its obligations under international law and responded to the outbreak in a manner consistent with best practices.”

China and the CCP-controlled World Health Organization went to great lengths “to cover up the initial epidemic,” the report states, and their coverup “likely turned what could have been a local outbreak into a global pandemic.”

“The CCP detained doctors in order to silence them, and disappeared journalists who attempted to expose the truth. They destroyed lab samples, and hid the fact there was clear evidence of human-to-human transmission. And they still refuse to allow a real investigation into the origins.

“At the same time, the WHO, under Director General Tedros, failed to warn the world of the impending pandemic. Instead, he parroted CCP talking points, acting as a puppet of General Secretary Xi,” according to the congressional report.

Despite this mountain of evidence, the Biden-Harris administration refuses to condemn or confront China about its alleged involvement in the creation and spread of COVID-19.

Chinese President Xi Jinping must be thrilled that he has such staunch allies in the Democratic Party, which ignores his role in the catastrophic global health and economic crises his regime unleashed.

As for Harris, it’s not surprising that she’s reluctant to demonize the unvaccinated. Why? Because many black Americans are unvaccinated.

Given her plunging poll numbers, it’s not surprising that Harris made this pivot in order to not alienate herself further from potential voters.

It would be nice if she spent as much time addressing the border catastrophe as she does trying to fix her damaged image. Then maybe Harris wouldn’t be the most unpopular vice president in U.S. history.

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