Watch: White House Uses Camera to Make Stunning Anti-Kamala Harris Move


The White House cropped Vice President Kamala Harris out of its video feed of a news conference President Joe Biden held Monday discussing the omicron variant, the latest permutation of COVID-19.

The event unfolded with Biden speaking from the podium, with Harris standing to his right and White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci at his left.

About nine seconds into the briefing, the camera zoomed in to a tight shot of Biden and Fauci and excluded Harris for almost the entire 15-minute conference.

About 11 minutes in, when Fauci approached the podium, the camera panned out and briefly showed a wide shot that included Harris.

The video feed then zoomed in again to a tight shot featuring Biden and Fauci until the end of the event.

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Normally it’s “palace-intrigue” gossip to read too much into the visual imagery of a news conference, but the exclusion of Harris from the video feed comes amid damning reports that some Democrats want to boot her off a potential Biden reelection bid.

Much of politics is about optics, and the optics of the White House excluding Harris from a video feed and accompanying picture speaks volumes.

Meghan Hays, the “Director of Message Planning” at the White House, also seemed to send a subliminal message with her Twitter photo, which excluded Harris.

Several Twitter users reacted to the damning optics of the cropped photo.

One wondered “why is the VP not in the pic?”

Other Twitter users mocked what they considered a White House snubbing of Harris.

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One commenter sarcastically taunted the Biden administration for its “white supremacy” because the photo was “literally cutting a woman of color out of the picture.”

Given the establishment media’s nonstop, race-baiting attacks on former President Donald Trump, it’s safe to assume that this is the narrative the liberal news outlets would’ve pushed if Trump were still in office.

Keep in mind that Harris was selected as Biden’s running mate because of the optics of her being a minority female.

So cutting her out of the White House feed says a lot.

Do you think the rumored rift between Biden and Harris is real?

Harris has come under fire amid Biden’s plunging poll numbers from the multiple crises ravaging the country, including soaring inflation, a festering border crisis, skyrocketing crime in Democrat-controlled cities and escalating racial tensions.

Having her in the White House has done nothing to quell the kind of racial friction Democrats and the mainstream media have fostered for years.

In the five months since Harris was charged with managing the border disaster, illegal crossings have soared to record highs, as even The New York Times has reported.

The apparent turmoil in the West Wing appears to be snowballing.

Earlier this month, dozens of current and former White House aides revealed in a scathing CNN report that Harris is unpopular and considered by many to be incompetent.

Numerous left-wing Twitter commenters tried to dismiss the CNN report as “racist” and “sexist” even though it was co-written by a black woman, CNN reporter Jasmine Wright.

At this point, it appears that the Biden White House is as chaotic and troubled as the rest of the country. And we’re not even through year one.

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