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After Emergency Call, Fireman is Delivering Her Baby. Two Days Later, Signs Her Adoption Papers


From the outside, the Hadden family looks like any other. There are two loving parents, two boys, and a baby daughter.

They all love each other and they all belong together because they are family. However, the way they became a family of five is much different than you would expect.

Marc and his wife Beth began their family with two boys, Will and Parker. However, since both of their sons were born preterm they knew it would be a risk to have any other children.

“Ever since we had the boys, we knew that we wanted more children, but I was preterm with them so we knew that it wasn’t possible to have any more babies,” Beth said. Yet, they yearned to grow their family even larger and contemplated adoption.

“We had it in our minds and in our hearts for years to adopt and we just left it in God’s hands,” Beth continued. “We said if it’s meant to be, it will be.”

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As it turns out, God delivered! And as is often the case with God, He did it in a very unusual, unexpected way.

Marc works as a part-time police officer and fireman for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, so he sees the unusual every day while at work. But even how this story unfolds caught him by surprise!

“It was just a somewhat normal call,” Marc recalls. “Very quickly we realized that it was going to be a life changer for us.”

Marc and his crew received a phone call about a woman about to deliver a baby. It was too late to make it to a hospital, so shortly after they arrived at the scene Marc was delivering a baby girl.

Beth remembers Marc calling her right after it all happened. “He called me and he was ecstatic. I mean, he delivered a baby and who in the world gets to deliver a baby in their lifetime that’s not a doctor?”

The baby girl was named Grace but was instantly put up for adoption by her mother. Just like that, the Hadden’s prayers were answered.

Within days, they had signed the necessary paperwork and Grace was accompanying her new family home. “I don’t know if I have words,” Marc said. “I never envisioned that I would have a daughter. We are truly blessed. For sure.”

Immediately, they realized that having a daughter was going to be very different from the two boys they already had.

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“As soon as we signed the papers, I looked a Marc and went, ‘Oh my gosh, we have to pay for a wedding.’ I was like that was my first thought??! I guess just having a girl is so different after having two boys,” Beth said.

Even though she is not genetically related to any of them, they love her just the same — maybe even more. “I don’t even think about her being adopted, she’s ours and we love her,” Marc said.

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Elias Manzella is a former contributor to a Liftable Media property.
Elias Manzella is a former contributor to a Liftable Media property.
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