Emotional Moment Couple Finds Out They're Finally Pregnant 6 Years After Adopting


Phil and Alex Congelliere were devastated when the doctors diagnosed them with infertility.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a mother. So naturally, I couldn’t understand why my deepest desire after marriage wasn’t happening for us,” Alex said.

The next two years were spent trying to conceive naturally. Denial, defeat, and even jealousy of other friends began to play a bigger role in their lives. Alex remembers sobbing on the bathroom floor and just trying to make it through each day.

After trying IUI fertility treatments for a year, Alex was at a women’s conference when something changed. She remembers, “It was no longer about me filling my void, but being open to God’s plan for my life. I was ready to adopt.” They began filling out paperwork while praying for the baby that was meant for them.

Like many prayers, theirs were answered in an unexpected way just six days later when a woman walked into their church. She wrote on a prayer request card that she was 37.5 weeks pregnant and still searching for an adoptive family.

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The church connected the woman with Phil and Alex. The next day, the three were meeting over dinner. Alex said that she and Phil just wanted to get to know the woman and to love her.

Forty-five minutes after the dinner ended, Phil’s phone rang. The woman decided that they would be the perfect adoptive parents to her daughter.

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D is for Delivery Day (Part 1): When we started the process of adoption…we had no idea that 6 days after starting our home study we would have a birth mom show up at church 37.5 weeks pregnant still looking for an adoptive family. We had no idea that 9 days after that we would be in the delivery room. We had no idea that 16 months later we would be in the delivery room a second time with our second daughter…having a whole new experience. I had no idea going into adoption how different every delivery day could be. It makes perfect logical sense that every person and situation would be different…but for some reason I never thought about it…until our experiences were Very different. Kinsley's was born in California at a hospital where they were very familiar with adoptions. I was given a wristband (associating me to baby) moments after Kinsley's birth. Kinsley's birth mom had planned to only see the baby when she asked. We spent that first hour after birth all together passing around baby. Kinsley's birth mom needed to pass Kinsley to me so she could cry into her mother's arms. The grief was starting…and hitting hard. She chose to allow baby to go with us and she grieved with her mom in her room. We were taken away for Kinsley's first bath and then placed into our own room. They treated us as though we were the parents. We had our own room and Kinsley never left us. Those first 24 hours were precious moments I will cherish forever. We were bonding with our daughter after years of not knowing if we would ever be parents. Those were some of the most precious hours of my entire life.

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After Kinsley’s birth, the couple started vlogging their journey from infertility to adoption. They wanted to give other couples who were struggling in similar ways a beam of hope.

Soon after Kinsley’s first birthday, Phil and Alex heard a still, small voice saying, “I’m not done building your family.” They began saving money for future IVF treatments when a woman reached out to them on Instagram. She began asking questions about how their open adoption worked.

The conversation quickly turned from generalized questions to “Can you adopt my baby?” The couple prayed about it and then began the same process as they had with Kinsley’s birth mom.

They met with her, got to know her, and built a friendship. The second addition to their family, Callie, was born in September 2016.

She said, “After years of infertility and calculations on when and how I’d become a mom, all of my plans were exceeded when I looked down at my newborn daughter on our flight back to California and realized I had become a mother of two perfect girls within 16 months.”

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Alex realized how perfectly her and her husband’s prayers had been answered.

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A year later a familiar, still, small voice let them know that their family was not done growing. The couple decided to continue the IVF treatments they had paused when Callie’s mom reached out to them.

With 6 frozen embryos, they prayerfully moved forward. The first two transfers were not successful. Despite confusion and heartbreak, their YouTube community raised money to give them a third transfer sooner than would’ve otherwise been possible.

The third IVF transfer took place on February 13, 2018. They prayed and prayed that it would work this time.

Ten days later, they received a phone call from the doctor. They were pregnant! They recorded their first reactions and posted it on their YouTube channel.

They wanted to share the moment to encourage and give hope to others who have been struggling with infertility.

On March 6th, they had an appointment for an ultrasound. They were able to see their baby (in a small, black sack) for the first time!

The couple is continuing to document their family’s journey on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. They’ve even started a nonprofit, Love Multiplies, to offer education and support to those who are similar journeys.

Alex explained why they are choosing to be so open with their journey, “We share most honest moments of life including the highest highs and the lowest lows in hopes that someone would find hope, healing, and encouragement through our lives. We believe that everyone is on a journey, and we want to help them know and discover there is a plan and a purpose for their life, and encourage them to find it.”

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