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Emotional Reunion Between Husband and Wife of 63 Years After His Release from Nursing Home Lockdown


One of the single most terrifying things about COVID-19 is the isolation patients experience if they’ve contracted it and are being treated in a hospital.

The social distancing and isolation are frustrating enough in their own rights, especially for healthy extroverts, but when you are no longer allowed to be with your loved ones, that separation takes a new and more distressing turn.

Beverley and Jerry Lindell have been married for 63 years, according to KARE. The couple from Litchfield, Minnesota, has been together longer than some people have been alive — but thanks to COVID-19, they just experienced one of the longest times apart they’ve ever had in their entire relationship.

After a hospital stay, Jerry stayed at a rehabilitation center called Meeker Manor to recover. Beverley, the faithful and loving wife that she is, visited him every day.

But then COVID-19 measures were put in place and no visitors were allowed at the nursing home.

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Some days, Beverley missed her husband so much she would break down in tears.

Trying to make the best of things, the couple’s daughter Loriee Barnes decided to arrange a little surprise for her mother’s birthday. She brought her mom cupcakes, but as her mom was thanking her, who should waltz in through the front door with a bouquet of flowers but Jerry.

Barnes filmed the whole thing, and the adorable video has gone viral.

“I got to bring my dad home to my mom, it was pretty cool,” Barnes said.

“We have had a rough year, but I brought my dad home from the nursing home for my moms birthday present,” she posted on Facebook on March 26. “Life is so awesome!”

At first, Beverley was under the impression that she still couldn’t hug Jerry — but they soon sorted that out.

“I just thought we weren’t supposed to hug,” she explained to KARE. “But I couldn’t wait to grab him, so we hugged each other, and I cried and cried and cried.”

“It’s something I’ll never forget,” Jerry added.

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Meeker Manor shared the video as well on the same day he was released.

“Check out this wonderful success story below!” the rehabilitation center shared on Facebook. “Jerry was able to go home today after receiving short term rehab and surprise his wife on her birthday! Way to go Team Meeker on all your hard work and dedication!”

Plenty of people outside the family’s immediate circle have found the reunion sweet and have commented to say that the show of true love was just what they needed.

“It’s hard to find words for it because it is so very special, and now more than ever,” Meeker Manor Administrator Andrea Ross said.

And of course, the couple is ecstatic to be united once more and back at home together where they belong.

“I wouldn’t let him go,” Beverley told KARE. “He’s mine to keep.”

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