Establishment Media Ignores Trump Wins: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Spurned Insider


The establishment media is obsessing this week over President Donald Trump’s repeat of a joke often spoken by Canadian leaders that they burnt Washington, D.C., in 1814. Canadians are laughing about it while American pundits see proof that Trump is ignorant of history instead of proving he can joke with leaders.


The first sixteen months of Trump’s presidency have been among the most productive in history, especially if we define productivity in terms of enhanced freedom for everyday Americans.

Congress has adopted 46 pieces of substantive legislation on his watch and at his prodding, the most consequential being tax reform. Fourteen of them reverse unconstitutional Obama-era executive orders — they cannot now be re-upped by a future president. Other important laws passed include the Taylor Force Act halting funding for Palestinian terrorists until they stop paying murder bounties, and the VA Mission Act, which finally addresses the morass of the Veterans Administration.

Dozens of oppressive regulations that once strangled economic growth have been reversed by executive order. The president has withdrawn America from prejudicial trade and climate agreements at the same time he has arranged an unprecedented summit with North Korea’s leader.

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He has nominated — and gotten confirmed — more than one hundred federal judges, including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, and forbidden enforcement of the individual mandate of Obamacare and the Johnson Amendment, which penalizes political speech from pulpits, while awaiting the growth of enough congressional spine to repeal these laws. He has complied with decades-old federal law requiring the relocation of our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

He has cut illegal immigration by more than half and appears to be presiding over a genuinely bipartisan response to the Deferred Action Against Childhood Arrivals dilemma — something not seriously attempted by the previous administration — despite thunder from the left and media about his bellicose immigration rhetoric.

His reward for all this productivity? For the past sixteen months, an enraged and self-important media has known no presidential news except special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, whether or not Trump had an affair with a porn star more than a decade before committing his life to Jesus Christ, and speculation about whether his wife is about to divorce him.

It would be pathetically funny were it not so exhausting even to hear about — let alone fight — the war of his legal battles on the one hand and pursue an ambitious agenda for the country on the other. This is despite the fact that not one piece of evidence pointing to collusion with Russia — or obstruction of justice in seeking that evidence — has come to light, although the accusations just keep on coming.

Do you think the establishment media is ignoring Trump' victories on purpose?

The reason is simple enough — Trump refuses to bow to the Baal of the Washington and Media establishment. Truly hell hath no fury like a spurned insider.

Yet, there is good news.

What has come to light is more and more evidence of corruption among the witch hunters themselves, and the corruption at multiple levels of the Obama administration. The predator is becoming the prey on an escalating basis, and not even all the information-controlling power of mainstream television and newspapers seems able to continue to hide it.

Apparently God really meant it when he said — in Genesis 50:20 — that what evil men mean for evil purpose he means for good and it is his intention that counts. Apparently God knew what he was saying in Romans 8:28 when he promised to turn all things into good wherever people who love him and are called according to his purposes are at stake.

No, Trump is not the second coming. He is neither angel nor saint as those terms are usually meant. He is a flawed human being — just like the rest of us — who happens to have been called for this hour and has said yes.

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We think God chooses us when we are good enough. God says we will become good enough in his grace when he chooses us and we accept his choice.

The real good news is all of us were chosen — just as Trump was chosen — 2,000 ago when a disgraced Galilean holy man died on a cross outside Jerusalem … and rose from the dead in glory over the weekend.

The president needs and deserves our support right now — and to be held accountable by the voters when that is appropriate — but only God deserves our worship.

James A. Wilson is the author of “Living As Ambassadors of Relationships,” “The Holy Spirit and the End Times” and “Kingdom in Pursuit.” He can be reached via email at 

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