Establishment Media Screeches That Obvious Joke Video of Joe Biden Massaging Joe Biden Is Fake


The establishment media doesn’t think you’re smart. That’s the only conclusion from the way they talk down to viewers, and this week provided yet another prime example.

It’s no secret that the major outlets — most of them left-leaning — are a bit sanctimonious. Just look at how much money they spend on ads smugly telling you how wise they are. For instance, there was the famous fruity ad from CNN in 2017, which told viewers “this is an apple” in a tone usually reserved for pre-schoolers watching “Sesame Street.”

Then there’s the media’s inability to understand basic humor. In yet another example of establishment outlets looking down on Americans as impossibly dumb, Facebook not long ago felt the need to flag an obvious joke headline from satire site The Babylon Bee, with Snopes writing an in-depth article explaining that CNN didn’t actually put news in a washing machine to “spin” it.

You’re not smart enough to understand humor, see, and need liberal “experts” to pompously explain it to you.

Now, it has happened again. On Thursday, Donald Trump posted what was clearly a humorous satirical video of Joe Biden, well, creeping on himself.

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“Welcome back Joe!” the president trolled. The video underlayed an animated cut-out image of Biden sneaking up on himself, awkwardly touching his own shoulders. It had received more than 18 million views as of Friday afternoon.

The parody video was clearly a reference to Biden’s past behavior, where he was caught on camera repeatedly entering the personal space of women and ostensibly making them uncomfortable. The former vice president is facing allegations of sexually harassing several women at the same time he is seen as a front-runner for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020.

Do you think the establishment media looks down on most Americans?

Now, whether it was appropriate for the president to post the video is up to debate. It was certainly effective and highlighted just how creepy Biden’s past behavior is with typical Trump directness. But whether he should have shared it is not really the point.

The point is that members of the establishment media wouldn’t know humor if it hit them in the face with a pie — and once again, smugly look down on you as clueless.

Numerous major outlets covered the Biden parody video but went out of their way to explain that it was doctored. Joe Biden didn’t actually come up behind himself, you see. It was apparently important for the media to explain this to all you knuckle-draggers.

“The leader of the free world tweeted a doctored video of Joe Biden fondling himself,” posted New York Magazine.

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“Joe Biden responded to a doctored video posted by President Trump mocking Biden’s physical interactions in light of allegations that his behavior has made women feel uncomfortable,” CNN helpfully explained.

“Trump mocked Joe Biden by tweeting a doctored video of the former vice president creeping up on himself and grabbing his shoulders,” Politico chimed in.

See the common theme? Each article headline went out of its way to say “doctored video,” seemingly to clear up any confusion that the fake parody video was edited.

That’s pretty insulting to everyone’s intelligence, but as Washington Free Beacon editor Alex Griswold pointed out, it’s also not really accurate.

“Now call me a pedant, but my sense is that ‘doctored’ is a term generally used for editing with an intent to deceive,” he noted. “A quick Google search confirms that sense; the first result is ‘change the content or appearance of (a document or picture) in order to deceive; falsify.'”

In other words, it seems the establishment media thinks President Trump was trying to trick people with the funny Biden video. They apparently believe that half the country lives in caves, have never seen internet videos, and are so boneheaded that they might actually believe the previous vice president was in two places at once.

The only other conclusion is that those same outlets are desperate to act as if Trump was deceptively “doctoring” videos when it’s clearly untrue. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time the media fibbed about doctoring.

All of this would be silly, except it’s one more example of the liberal media’s disdain for the majority of Americans. They cannot stand that the president has bypassed them by using Twitter to speak directly to the people — and they certainly can’t stand that his jabs and teases usually end up working.

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