Even Those Who Hate Tucker Carlson Are Amazed by What He Just Said About Women


A clip of Tucker Carlson discussing the complexity and beauty of women during a recent podcast is making its rounds on social media, and it is earning him some new fans.

Last month, Carlson joined the NELK Boys on the “FULL SEND” podcast for a discussion about politics, life, love and other topics he generally stays away from discussing in great detail on his Fox News show.

Tucker Carlson Tonight” generally sticks to current events and how they affect the average American.

But his interview with the NELK boys really offered him a chance to show many people who are not Fox News viewers a completely different side of him.

Carlson was open-minded, blunt, hilarious and even slightly profane.

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He also shared one anecdote about his views on women that is making its rounds on TikTok and other social media platforms.

The Fox News host summarized women in a way that has endeared him to people who have suddenly seen him from an unexpected angle.

“I like women actually,” Carlson said on the podcast. “They’re totally different. I don’t understand like 80 percent of what they say. I don’t need to, I’m married to one — for 32 years — I have three daughters.”

Carlson added, “I think they’re, like, fascinating and interesting because they’re so different. I listen super carefully to what they say.”

Do you agree with Tucker Carlson?

The Fox News host was asked by the podcasters what he’s learned about women throughout three decades of marriage. He did not hold back.

“They’re amazing … They compliment us,” he said. “So your average young man looks at women, if we’re being totally honest, as like, ‘They’re dumb. They’re easy to fool. I can talk them into sleeping with me.’”

He said such assessments from men are misguided.

“The reason they feel that way is because women have a completely different way of seeing the world that’s innate, it’s inherent, their brains are different measurably,” he explained. “Which is why I hate the trans thing because it’s pretending that some guy, with a male brain who is not at all in any sense a woman,can become a woman with plastic surgery — no. It’s an insult to the complexity and the mystery of women.”

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Carlson said being in a long-term relationship or a marriage forces men to learn “who women really are.”

“They’re amazing,” he said. “They’re not gonna sit around and dip [tobacco]… but they have all kinds of other crazy insights into people. They force you to think about the world in a really different and really important way.”

Carlson concluded, “The things you learn from women are not, like, how you can be like a woman. … You just become wiser.”

Most men who have been married for years and have children can attest that Carlson is absolutely correct. Women and men complement one another, and they both learn — just as long as they’re both willing to stay at it.

They both grow in a way that helps them each understand the world with a little more depth–– and that is especially true of a man who is willing to lend his ear to his wife.

Carlson’s insight into the issue got a lot of attention on TikTok from an incalculable number of women, many of whom acknowledged they had never paid attention to him.

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One woman who commented on his viral video stated, “This interview really made me see a different side of him.”

Another woman commented: “I LOVE this side of Tucker.”

“I would seriously love to have him as a dad,” another woman wrote. “[H]e’s probably the best dad ever.”

One woman commented, “And that’s why he’s been married for 32 years.. he gets it.”

In a display of the power of exposing one’s self to other audiences, one woman wrote, “Wow, I actually like him after this.”

In the country’s current climate of division, Carlson went out of his comfort zone and exposed himself to people who asked him about topics he doesn’t generally confront.

The act showed that people can find common ground in spite of other differences of opinion they might have.

It also showed a lot of people that someone the rest of the media might have told them was full of hate is actually a thoughtful person whose opinions are not only mainstream but widely shared by millions of conservatives.

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