Matt Walsh Renders Trans Activist Speechless After Asking One Simple Question About His Job


It has become entirely too easy for The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh to destroy the insane argument men can become women and vice versa during his discussions with radical gender activists.

During one of his latest bouts with some of these confused people, Walsh asked a self-described transgender first responder how a scenario in which a man with a penis complained of suffering a lost pregnancy would be handled.

The person, an emergency medical technician, was visibly stirred by the question and admitted such an absurd complaint would not be taken seriously.

During a Young America’s Foundation event at New Mexico State University on Tuesday, Walsh went back and forth with a number of activists about a subject near and dear to him — what defines a woman.

In Las Cruces, New Mexico, the conservative commentator, author and star of the documentary “What is a Woman?” found a number of men who identify as female and were willing to challenge him on the issue.

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Walsh relied on biological facts, which is a strategy that has not let him down yet.

Asked by the transgender EMT how he defined the word “woman,” he responded with confidence, “An adult human female.”

What followed was a roughly five-minute back-and-forth wherein the EMT claimed that gender is not binary and noted that some women can’t get pregnant.

The man tried to use cases in which women cannot conceive children as evidence there is no difference between “trans women” and women.

Do you agree with Matt Walsh?

Walsh asked one final question when he noted the person worked in the medical field.

“You’re responding to a health emergency,” he said as he opened up a hypothetical. “A biological male, somebody with a penis, is having a medical emergency and they say to you, ‘I think I’m having a miscarriage.'”

Walsh asked, “Would you check them to see if they’re having a miscarriage? Would you consider that a possibility for them?”

After a very, very long pause that felt like a surrender, the EMT responded, “No.”

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The EMT appeared frazzled by the question and answer and then said, “But that’s because some people don’t have body parts. Doesn’t mean they’re not a woman.”

Walsh then laid into the gender madness as a whole by explaining a woman who cannot conceive is an exception to a very basic and binary rule, which is that women get pregnant and men do not.

“If a person is born with only one leg, that doesn’t call into question the statement that human beings have two legs, OK?” he said. “A person being born with one leg doesn’t mean that now legs are on a spectrum and we can’t say anything at all about how many legs a person has.”

He concluded, “If a human is born without two legs, something went wrong, they were supposed to have that second leg. Something went wrong.”

Rational people naturally do not need anyone to explain to them what Walsh said. But as a society, we’re years into people ignoring the science and claiming a man who identifies as female is exactly the same as a woman.

They’ve bought into the false notion they are what they say they are – simply because they say it. They want everyone else to believe it as well.

We’re all better off for having someone such as Walsh on the front lines of the battle fighting for truth on this issue.

That is a fight he has never shied away from and is winning.

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