Evidently, Nobody Is Watching the #Woke Olympics


Are you watching the Olympics? Yeah, me neither.

The 2020 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, have seen the lowest ratings ever for any Olympic games.

That is a much bigger deal than some may realize.

In addition to the millions of dollars of advertising revenue lost, Americans specifically just don’t seem to care.

I mean, I can think of about 142 other things I’d rather be doing than looking at pudgy grown men playing the human-sized version of shuffleboard on ice. Sorry, curling aficionados.

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With many observing that some of the Olympians on the world stage don’t seem to be all that elite (exceptions exist, of course) one has to wonder what part our degenerating, exceedingly #Woke culture has played in this sinking ship.

I’m sure the worldwide propaganda push for global citizenry, inclusivity, everybody-gets-a-trophy, kids’ soccer games having no score, toxic masculinity, non-binary gendering, and all the other non-competitive tripe liberals have foisted upon us has absolutely nothing to do with why the Winter Olympics are slouching towards irrelevancy.

If the cringy #LoveOverBias bombardment of Olympic ads from Proctor & Gamble have taught us anything, it’s that #Wokeness is now mandatory.

To wit:

Are you disappointed with the politically correct tone of the Olympics this year?

An overtly gay male figure skater prancing around in the driveway while his mother soothes the black eye probably given to him by rednecks? Check.

An oppressed, hijab-wearing Muslim girl being tormented by evil, white Beckys before she skates the “I’ll show them!” routine of her life while her similarly hijab’d mommy cheers her on? Double check.

Gus Kentworthy — not simply content with the sport doing the talking and instead placing his sexuality front and center — wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “My Mom Loves This Gay” while Mom runs up and kisses this Gay for a well-timed photo-op? Triple Check.

However, the #Woke Olympics is merely the latest installment in leftist infringement on free thought and my forever tendency to extreme eye roll at all these cookie-cutter virtue signalers.

What trickles down from the #Woke mentality generally involves two simultaneous — but seemingly contradictory — behaviors.

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First, you’re a victim. (Well, unless you’re white, heterosexual, Christian and blue-eyed. Then you’re not a victim. Unless you’re a non-conforming lesbian, because then you are.)

And because you’re a victim, there are nefarious bogeymen all around you whose sole mission in life is to knock you from your pedestal and spit racial, sexist, religious, or homophobic epithets at you — 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week. Look! One of them is Vice President Mike Pence (who has the nerve to exist) minding his own business as you fester!

Because of this constant grievance mentality, your disposition is generally unpalatable and you are despicable to everyone you believe to be un-#Woke.

Secondly, and seemingly contradictorily, is your heartfelt wish that the world was more kind, tolerant, inclusive and engaged in listening to more Erykah Badu or Modest Mouse playlists — because then they could be As Good As You Are.

So yes, for the past 30 years or so, we’ve been slumping toward the public world we now inhabit — which liberals have made nearly insufferable.

No, I’m sure telling little girls who have a tomboy phase that they should probably start transitioning into little boys is simply a conservative conspiracy to explain why kids are so confused.

Teaching kindergartners that gender is but a social construct has nothing to do with anything.

Telling children that competition is ugly and greedy and that instead everybody should be recognized as perfectly equal has nothing to do with why the Winter Olympics are such a snore.

Making teachers give every kid in the room a Certificate for Breathing Today instead of recognizing actual merit couldn’t possibly account for any of this abysmal slouch towards sucking.

OK, here’s the truth: Actually, it accounts for pretty much all of it.

The election of Donald Trump was the fed up silent majority pushing back against this watered-down, diversity-at-all-costs, non-competitive slide our country has been experiencing for a generation.

In fact, you can look at the timeless picture of President Barack Obama wearing his little helmet and riding his girl bike as pretty much the embodiment of what Normal America rejected. (That’s the picture Obama should have as his Smithsonian portrait, not the one of him sitting in the middle of a marijuana bush.)

And sorry/not sorry Lindsay Vonn, but I’m sure I’m not the only who was rooting against you (she finished with a bronze medal).

Lindsay just had to make it known that she wasn’t competing for the America represented by Trump or the American people who voted for him.

No, instead she was competing for the coastal elites and those inclusive, multicultural brain trusts in San Francisco now spending $30 million a year to clean up massive piles of feces and dirty needles left lying around by homeless people and illegal aliens.

Every week, I’m proven more and more correct: Everything is now political. And you know what? Normal America votes every day, in innumerable ways.

Like, say, not watching what they’re selling.

The #Woke Olympics should take note.

Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. A version of this article also appeared on her blog,

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Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. She currently works with a political consultant on candidate races throughout America.