Ex-Dem Rep Indicted on 28 Counts of Fraud Totaling Millions of Dollars


A Democratic ex-congressman could spend decades in prison.

Former Rep. T.J. Cox of California was indicted on 28 counts according to court documents that were unsealed on Tuesday.

An indictment document released by the Department of Justice alleges various business and campaign finance frauds on the part of Cox, dating back to 2013.

The ex-congressman “perpetrated multiple fraud schemes targeting companies he was affiliated with and their clients and vendors,” according to a DOJ summary of the indictment.

Cox served one term as the representative of California’s 21st congressional district. The Republican he took down in the 2018 election took back his seat from the Democrat in a 2020 rematch.

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One charge alleges that Cox perpetrated a scheme to reimburse his family and friends for donating to his 2018 congressional campaign.

The Democrat allegedly withdrew thousands of dollars from an “off-the-books bank account” and transferred the money to relatives for maximum campaign contributions.

Another charge alleges that Cox fabricated a corporate document from the board of one of his own companies to qualify as a loan guarantor for a park development project.

The scheme ultimately passed a loss of more than a million dollars onto a sports non-profit, which was under the impression that Cox’s company would pay back the loan if the project failed.

Will Cox be convicted?

Another charge accuses Cox of obtaining a home mortgage under false premises, allegedly claiming that he intended to use a rental property as his personal residence.

Cox was arrested by FBI agents and booked into the Fresno County Jail on Tuesday. He pleaded not guilty before a Federal magistrate judge and was released “on his own recognizance with conditions,” according to the San Joaquin Valley Sun.

The Democrat could spend between 20 and 30 years in federal prison if convicted on all charges.

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Cox voted against legislation that would require members of Congress to disclose if they were under tax lien during his term in office.

This came as Cox himself owed a massive tax liability to the IRS at the same time.

Prosecutors have indicated they’re seeking the forfeiture of Cox’s property in the case.

The FBI and the IRS jointly investigated Cox, according to the DOJ release.

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