Expelled Dem Dubbed 'Total Fraud' After Old Video Emerges - There's Something Very Different About Him Now


One of two Tennessee legislators who were expelled from the state House last week over a disruptive gun control demonstration is being called a fraud after a video resurfaced showing he completely transformed the way he speaks in recent years.

Democratic state Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were ousted after they joined Rep. Gloria Johnson in encouraging what the left might have called an “insurrection” had the mob been made up of conservatives.

The trio wanted a ban on “assault weapons” after a transgender shooter murdered three students and three adults at a Nashville Christian school March 27.

They did not get such a ban, and so they encouraged rioters to swarm the Capitol on March 30.

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On Thursday, the legislature’s Republican supermajority voted to expel Jones and Pearson, both of whom portrayed themselves as civil rights martyrs.

Pearson really went all-in, using his best Southern preacher voice as he claimed to be a victim of racial oppression.

Watch this:

In reality, he broke the legislature’s rules for decorum and threw a tantrum when he and his fellow Democrats didn’t get their way.

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Jones has been reinstated, and Pearson too could be back on the House floor, where he will get more opportunities to make a mockery of the state government.

But as for now, Pearson is the one being mocked after a video of him in college showed he was a level-headed young man whose voice did not resemble that of a knockoff of Martin Luther King Jr.

Watch how differently he expressed himself just a few years ago when he was a student at Bowdoin College in Maine:

Video of Pearson’s new approach to the English language elicited quite a response from many who came across it on Twitter:

Putting on a fake Southern preacher accent when addressing issues of race is sort of a rite of passage for Democrats.

But that doesn’t make Pearson’s blatant political theater any less absurd or hilarious.

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