Exposed: SF Dems Open, Promote De Facto Illegal Crack House for Homeless Drug Addicts - Report


The city of San Francisco is providing “rehab” for drug addicts by illegally supervising the sale and use of drugs, according to a report by two journalists.

On Jan. 18, the office of Mayor London Breed announced the opening of the Tenderloin Linkage Center, a rehab clinic meant to provide support, care and other services for individuals struggling with drug addiction.

Independent reporters Michael Shellenberger and Leighton Woodhouse decided to go see for themselves how the center was operating.

Shellenberger has become well-known for his critique of San Francisco’s policies. Graduating from the peace and global studies program at Earlham College in 1993, he went on to author several books and articles regarding harmful environmental alarmism and progressive thought.

In his recently released book “SanFransicko,” he details how and why various progressive policies are exacerbating the homeless and drug crises in California city.

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Woodhouse, a freelance journalist and Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, obtained a master’s degree in sociology from the University of California Berkley.

And what the two journalists found at the Tenderloin Linkage Center in San Francisco was shocking.

Should the San Francisco mayor be held accountable?

According to multiple reports published by the two reporters, they witnessed city officials overseeing the use and dealing of drugs — specifically fentanyl — on the site.

Although Breed is pushing to open a “drug consumption site,” wherein city officials can oversee those actions, such sites are currently illegal under both federal and state law, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The two of us witnessed a half-dozen people smoking fentanyl in an outdoor area on the site, and two people passed out at a table,” the journalists wrote on Friday.

An employee of the city contractor even admitted that “two people had overdosed and been revived since the site opened Tuesday.” A public relations official denied the existence of the site while admitting that such a site would be illegal.

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On Sunday, Shellenberger released another report with journalist Jenny Shao.

Shao and another anonymous reporter also entered the site discovered and video-recorded drug dealing, in addition to drug use, at the government rehab center.

The shocking nature of these reports exposing — within the local San Francisco government — illegal activity and an apparent lack of regard for human life and/or dignity, would lead one to assume local San Francisco news outlets would be jumping at the chance to cover them.

And yet, outside of the initial report from Woodhouse and Shellenberger, scant coverage of the scandal exists at all.

Even among national and international outlets, aside from the U.K. Daily Mail’s report, which was also written by Shellenberger and Woodhouse, nary a story can be found on the city’s illegal creation of a drug consumption site.

The Western Journal reached out to the mayor’s office for comment, but as of yet, there has been no reply.

When asked by The Western Journal why he believed most local and national outlets had avoided covering the story, Shellenberger offered a simple, four-word response.

“Because they are woke,” he said.

Woodhouse suggested a lack of accountability from the media is representative of a larger societal problem.

“I would say that the conspicuous lack of alarm over reports of open drug use (and now, per Michael Shellenberger’s new report, drug dealing) on city-supervised property just goes to show how normalized the destruction of human lives has become in San Francisco,” Woodhouse wrote in a message to The Western Journal.

“What would be shocking to most people outside of the Bay Area isn’t even newsworthy here. That’s how far we’ve fallen.”

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