While All Eyes Were on House, McConnell Made Big Move Against 2 GOP Senators


As Democrats face removal from their committee assignments in the House of Representatives, two Republican senators are losing their committee seats — at the behest of their own party leadership.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is moving against two of his Republican critics.

The Republican senate leader removed Sens. Rick Scott (FL) and Mike Lee (UT) from the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday, according to Fox News.

Both senators are among McConnell’s critics in the senate Republican caucus.

Scott chalked up McConnell’s move as an act of political retribution, speaking to CNN about the committee assignments.

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“He didn’t like that I opposed him because I believe we have to have ideas — fight over ideas. And so, he took Mike Lee and I off the committee.”

Scott — who reportedly learned that he’d been bounced from the powerful senate committee via text message — was described as “furious” over McConnell’s act to remove him, according to the Hill.

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Scott challenged McConnell for the position of minority leader after Republicans failed to secure a “red wave” victory in the 2022 midterms, contrary to expectations.

Scott had released his own policy manifesto for Republicans to run on in the midterms — in opposition to McConnell, who opposed releasing a policy platform for Republican senate candidates.

Lee also issued a tweet throwing shade at McConnell after his committee removal.

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Conservatives assailed McConnell’s move to remove his critics from one of the most-sought committee assignments in the Senate.

“The DC swamp strikes again,” Charlie Kirk wrote.

“We have to stop giving in to the Democrats,” Scott said of McConnell’s caucus leadership, according to Fox.

Democrats increased their partisan majority in the Senate in the 2022 midterms.

The party now holds 51 Senate seats, whereas it previously held a majority of 50 seats and the tiebreaking vote of the vice president.

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