Famed Blogger Issues Perfect Response to People Saying 'Tone Down the Jesus Stuff'...


Blogger Matt Walsh dismissed the notion that he should “tone down” the Jesus stuff, arguing he cannot do so while at the same time staying faithful to the true nature of reality.

Writing for The Daily Wire, Walsh noted that he regularly receives complaints regarding his political commentary accusing him of “injecting religion into everything” and calling on him to “Please cool it with the Jesus stuff,” or “tone down the religious talk.”

Most recently, he received feedback saying he had “ruined” a piece he wrote about the three things a father should teach his son by suggesting that one of them is to encourage the boy to worship God.

Walsh responded to these critiques by saying his intention is to keep integrating his faith into his writing.

“Rather than ignore these criticisms, I thought I might try to explain why I don’t plan on toning it down,” he wrote. “In fact, I’m headed in the opposite direction. The reason is very simple: I really do believe this stuff.”

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The commentator went to explain the spiritual is actually more real than the physical in the Christian understanding of life. To not bring Jesus in would be a disservice to communicating the truth.

“When Scripture says we are fighting not against ‘flesh and blood’ but ‘the powers of darkness,’ I believe it,” Walsh proclaimed. “And when it says that the Devil is prowling the world ‘like a lion seeking someone to devour,” I believe that, too.'”

“We are in a spiritual battle. No topic really matters apart from this deeper spiritual truth,” he continued. “The political arguments are only significant to the extent that they are manifestations of the underlying spiritual war. Every meaningful debate reflects, in some way, the eternal battle between Good and Evil.”

“To ignore the eternal and focus entirely on the temporal seems not only dishonest, but also dull and boring,” Walsh offered.

The columnist contended Christians are too often guilty of believing the spiritual is true, as stated in the Bible, but relegating it to the background of life.

To do so is to sideline oneself in the ongoing unseen spiritual battle involving legions of angels and demons waging war over people’s souls.

Prominent Christian leaders share this view, believing the church has been too narrowly focused for too long on simply winning converts, but not empowering them to influence all aspects life and culture, including the media.

Do you agree with Matt Walsh that Christians should not tone down Jesus?

Renowned Christian speaker Lance Wallnau, among others, has been teaching for years there are in fact seven mountains of cultural influence, and Christians are called to seek to lead them all.

They include religion, family, education, government, media, arts and entertainment, and business.

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“We have spent so much time focused on the church mountain that we may have forsaken our responsibility to the rest of the world we are called to influence,” Wallnau said in a popular teaching video.

The Christian teacher pointed out that Jesus’ Great Commission, found in the book of Matthew, Chapter 28, was to “make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” and “teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you.”

Wallnau said there are two aspects of the commission: quantitatively harvesting souls and qualitatively teaching them how to live God’s kingdom on earth in their specific calling in life.

Pastor Micheal Maiden, who oversees the Phoenix-based Church for the Nations, thoroughly agrees.

In his book “Turn the World Upside Down: Discipling the Nations with the Seven Mountain Strategy,” Maiden writes, “After two millennia, the Church has made disciples in nations, but not of nations.”

“We have believed that God expects us to avoid exposing ourselves to the wickedness of the world when all along He wanted to use us to expose His goodness to the world,” he adds.

Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California in his book “The Power That Changes the World” pointed out if God was able to reveal in ancient Israel under King Solomon an aspect of what His kingdom would look like on earth in wisdom and majesty under the Old Covenant, how much more can He do it in our day in all the seven mountains, when His Spirit not only resides with believers, but in them.

“For those who think such a place sounds too much like heaven, I agree,” relates Johnson. “Thus it would be the fulfillment of our assignment ‘on earth as it is in heaven.'”

Walsh intends to keep doing his part in the media mountain to influence the culture, and believes other Christians are coming to see they should not segment their lives between the sacred and secular.

“And I think, now that it is too late, we will realize that we do not want it anymore,” he wrote. “So please don’t ask me why I write about God. Ask me why I ever write about anything else.”

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