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Family Dog Goes Missing for Years, Then Has Unbelievable Reunion


Three years ago, Katrina and Mark Skelton of Sugar Land, Texas, were heartbroken when their beloved dog, Daisy, went missing.

“We got Daisy when she was 12 weeks old before we had Jackson,” Katrina Skelton shared in a Facebook post, referring to their son. “She was our first baby! She was the best dog ever.

“She was gentle, loving, and patient. She was with us through 2 pregnancies, 2 toddlers, and 3 different homes. We were heartbroken when we lost her.”

Skelton would occasionally check the microchip website to see if there had been any recent scans, but the answer was always no.

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“I was always very hopeful she had found a loving home and was alive somewhere,” her post continued. “The microchip website never updated that she had been scanned.”

Sometime during the start of the new year, Tiffany Clay of Marion, Indiana, went to her back door and discovered a medium-sized, reddish dog. Clay took the pup to the vet to get scanned for a microchip — and, thankfully, the dog had one.

And it led to the Skeltons.

Three years and over 1,100 miles later, Daisy was alive and well. The Skeltons were ecstatic to hear that their dog had been found.

“Last Tuesday, we got a phone call from Taylor and Tiffany stating that they found our dog all the way in Marion, Indiana,” Katrina Skelton told WXIN-TV in Indianapolis.

“Mark and I immediately were like, ‘Okay, we’re going to Indiana this weekend, like, find a babysitter for our kids, and we’re making 16-hour drive to go get our dog because she was our first baby.’

“We had her before we even had kids, so we’ve missed her a lot.”

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“It means everything to us so that they can be happy, because I’d want someone to bring my dog back,” Clay said.

WXIN was present for the reunion, where Daisy greeted the Skeltons calmly. Katrina Skelton said Daisy was overwhelmed by the situation and all the people, but she soon made it quite clear she recognized her former family.

@kskelt6 Daisy gets reunited with her human babies! Jackson and Jonah were so excited to see their best friend again! #BringDaisyHome2022 #boostofhope #fyp ♬ original sound – James Blake

“Once the chaos settled and she got comfortable, she started to really recognize who we were!” she shared in another post. “Mark took his hat off, and it was like a light clicked. She started barking in excitement and snuggling us.”

Since then, they’ve made it back to Texas with their pup and have been busy enjoying the reunion between Daisy and their kids — and making up for three years of lost time.

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