Farmer Missing Girlfriend Feeds 250 Cows in Unique Way & Sends Photo


Long distance relationships can be challenging, even in the best of circumstances. One of the biggest challenges can be finding ways to “connect” with so many miles between you.

It can take a lot of creativity, patience and commitment to make a long distance relationship work. For those who do make it work, it is well worth all of the sacrifices.

So of course, it isn’t particularly newsworthy that a young couple is involved in a long distance relationship.

However, something that has gotten media attention and has melted the hearts of the public at large is what one of them did for the other just to express affection.

According to BuzzFeed News, North Dakotans Madison Quandt and Jordan Nitschke became a long distance couple when she went off to college and he stayed behind to work on the family farm.

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One of the tasks Nitschke undertakes during his long work day is to feed the cows every morning from a feedwagon.

Because the cows will follow along and eat from wherever he feeds them, Nitschke got an idea. He thought of a way he could use the cows to help send a loving message to Quandt.

It took some time for him to get the end result because he had to make sure everything was just right.

One big task was for him to “find the right hillside,” which had already taken him multiple tries the week before.

But finally, he found the perfect spot and put his plan into motion. Once everything was in place, he took a photo and sent it to Quandt, who was understandably impressed.

She was so touched by the fact he got 250 cows to help him with his surprise for her, she shared the photo on Twitter for the world to enjoy with her. Her post was retweeted more than 1,500 times and got more than 10,000 likes.

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Nitschke had carefully lined up the feed on the side of a hill that day for the cows to create the shape of a giant heart.

The cows happily obliged him by perfectly lining up with the heart to eat and gave him an amazing photo to send to Quandt.

Quandt noted in her tweet that everyone should find someone for them who would undertake such an amazing feat “just to send to you.” Those commenting on the image were also moved by the highly romantic gesture.

Even though they played a major role, there has been no word as to if the cows got a special treat for their help.

Since they’ve been so helpful, perhaps more amazing images will come from the imagination of Nitschke, and with the ongoing help of the cows, further help him remind her of just how much he cares and misses her.

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