Fate Decided for 'House of Horrors' Dogs Found Healthier than 12 Tortured Children


New details have emerged from the “House of Horrors” story involving David and Louise Turpin’s pet dogs.

As the press and investigators work to unpack the story, the couple’s puppies have found a new home.

Evidently, the two dogs — one named Fluffy and the other with no name — were deemed to be healthier than the 13 children in the home.

The two maltese mixes were evaluated and eventually offered up for adoption. Apparently, animal cruelty is one line these monsters won’t cross.

Perris, California, spokesperson Joe Vargo reported the update to Mercury News in an email. “We are pleased to know the two dogs will go to a home where they will be well treated and loved,” he said.

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There were two applications for adoption once animal control took the couples’ dogs. The city inspected the homes of the would-be dog parents and held a raffle to determine who would get them.

The family who eventually adopted the dogs preferred to remain anonymous. Since the media coverage of the situation is so detailed, you can’t blame them for wanting to stay out of this mess.

Vargas also referenced the GoFundMe account in his email. They have surpassed their $10,000 goal and currently sit at almost $30,000 as of this writing.

“The community response has been fantastic,” Mayor Michael Vargas said in a press release. “It shows that Perris is a caring community.”

The couple behind this atrocity is now facing 12 counts of torture, six counts of child abuse, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult, and 12 counts of false imprisonment. They pleaded not guilty on all counts.

If the justice system does its job, these two monsters will never see the light of day. Their bail is currently set at $12 million each.

It’s a sad thought that the dogs — which were healthier than the kids — found a loving home before the couple’s young children. Hopefully, these kids can enjoy a similar happy ending in the near future.

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Recently, Amy (Duggar) King has reached out on Twitter, offering to adopt all 13 of the abused kids.

“I just texted [my husband] Dillon and told him I wanted to adopt all 13 Turpin children,” she wrote in her tweet.

“I would love to show them true love and have a beautiful life and provide a secure and stable home for them. #ifonly #houseofhorrorsGod can restore what the devil has stolen.”

The couple is set to appear in court again later this month. We’re counting down the days until we hear a guilty verdict from the judge.

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