Father Desperately Battling for Custody of 6-Year Old After Mother Claims Child Is Transgender


Parents of a child in Texas are embroiled in a heated custody agreement over six-year-old James, who will likely be sterilized if his mother wins the custody battle.

The parents currently split time with James, but his mother, Anne Georgulas, believes him to be a transgender female and has filed a restraining order against the father, Jeffrey Younger, on grounds of abuse allegedly due to Younger’s lack of cooperation with the child’s gender transitioning, Breitbart reported.

The mother is seeking to not only terminate Younger’s parental rights but is also asking the court to require him to pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, according to the petition Georgulas filed.

Those medical treatments would include hormonal sterilization starting at age eight, according to The Federalist.

Younger has submitted a dossier to the court countering the petition and asks the court to consider the actions of Georgulas as meeting the true definition of abuse to their child.

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“The willingness of the courts to go along with probable child abuse is creating conditions for massive social unrest,” Younger said in a dossier.

“Few things are more important to people than the care and rearing of their young. The courts are entertaining government suppression of some of the most fundamental practices and traditions of American families.”

The child was diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a gender-transition therapist. Gender dysphoria is a mental conflict between a person’s biological gender and the gender that they perceive themselves to be.

But one of the components of a gender dysphoria diagnosis is an insistence by the individual that they are of a gender opposite that of their biological characteristics.

Should the father be granted custody of James?

Younger claims he hasn’t seen signs of the gender dysphoria and reported that even when given a choice between girls and boys clothes at his dad’s house, James chooses to dress like a boy.

The same inconsistent behavior was reported with the therapist when the child was asked to choose his name on a piece of paper — either “Luna,” the name Georgulas calls him and the name he is enrolled in school under, or “James,” his legal name.

According to the Federalist, the boy chose the name “Luna” when he was with his mother, and “James” when he was with his dad.

The court has prohibited Younger from dressing James like a boy, teaching him that he is a boy, or sharing religions or science-based teaching on sexuality.

Despite the lack of input, Younger said that “James violently refuses to wear girls clothes at my home,” the Federalist reported.

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Bill Lovell, pastor at the boy’s church, reportedly also witnessed James’ desire to be treated as a boy, and wrote in a church blog post called “Praying for James” that he was concerned the boy was “caught up in a titanic clash of worldviews.”

“Based on the three occasions I’ve spent time with him, I’d say he acts and looks unmistakably like a healthy six-year-old boy.

“I am praying for (him), an average six-year-old boy, a sweet-natured, intelligent, lovable and at this point particularly vulnerable young man, caught up in a titanic clash of worldviews.”

Younger, and those who support his desire to keep his child from being pushed through gender transition therapy, have set up a website called “Save James” where those interested can follow the story and lend support.

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