Fauci Ouchie: 'America's Doctor' Thinks He's Taking a Picture with a Fan - Now Look at Her Hand


For the past three years, the leftist media has been lavishing praise on Dr. Anthony Fauci for his response to the COVID pandemic, going so far as to treat him almost as some sort of deity.

The endless praise of Fauci that we have been subject to for the last few years is perhaps best summed up in the title that many leftists, including the New Yorker, have bestowed upon him — “America’s Doctor.”

But unfortunately for Fauci, the praise has been far from universal, and many Americans, including some prominent politicians, have slammed Fauci for his massive ego and megalomania during the pandemic. Chief among the detractors is Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who has repeatedly taken Fauci to task for his actions during the pandemic.

Now, a viral picture on social media is shining a light on just how unpopular Fauci is outside of elitist circles.

On Saturday, Twitter user Ada Lluch posted a photo of a young woman named Melissa Rein Lively, who had taken a photo with Fauci at an event in Washington, D.C.

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Judging by Fauci’s face, he appears to believe that he is taking a picture with a fan. Instead, a closer look at the picture shows Lively making an obscene gesture to give us an idea of her thoughts on “America’s Doctor.”

Lluch captioned her post summing up the sentiments of many, saying, “Everyone is jealous that they didn’t get to do it!”

WARNING: The following photo contains a gesture that some readers may find offensive.

Was this behavior inappropriate?

(Some observers said the photo appeared to be edited. The Western Journal could not independently verify its authenticity.)

Now, this is not to celebrate or condone Lively’s crass behavior. It is unchristian and uncharitable to treat anyone in this way, even someone as odious as Anthony Fauci.

But it does, however, speak to something that the left and the media would rather avoid: Dr. Fauci is nowhere near as beloved or popular as he believes he is.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention, as there have always been indications that Americans were growing tired of Fauci and his endless talk about the dangers of COVID.

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It is frankly quite easy to see why people would want to see no more of “America’s Doctor.” Fauci’s massive ego got in the way of any serious analysis of how dangerous COVID actually was.

Fauci demanded that Americans stay home, wear masks and take a vaccine, despite there being little to no evidence that any of these actions did anything to curb the spread of COVID.

Even when it became clear that COVID was not as dangerous as it initially seemed to be and after it became clear that the pandemic was over, Fauci continued to make endless appearances to talk about the dangers of COVID and encourage Americans to avoid getting back to normal.

It is quite understandable that Americans would want to see no more of him. He presents himself as a doctor concerned with the well-being of Americans, but in reality, he is just a bureaucrat who is only looking out for himself.

Despite what the media says, Fauci did little to stop the spread of COVID. Instead, he deprived Americans of their civil liberties.

Lively’s gesture may be inappropriate, but it demonstrates what many Americans really think about Dr. Fauci.

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Peter Partoll is a commentary writer for the Western Journal and a Research Assistant for the Catholic Herald. He earned his bachelor's degree at Hillsdale College and recently finished up his masters degree at Royal Holloway University of London. You can follow him on Twitter at @p_partoll.