Fred Weinberg: 74 Million Voters Can't Fix Stupid Today - But They Can in 2022


The Washington swamp dwellers just can’t help themselves.

First, the Democrats outplayed the Republicans on — and prior to — Nov. 3. Then, Nancy Pelosi immediately produced an impeachment of a president just before he left office — after doing the same only a year ago.

Then, the Senate voted to acquit, after the House managers had requested to call witnesses in an impeachment trial in which the Senate cannot remove the president from office because he has already left office. Facing a GOP call to put Pelosi (among others) on the witness stand, and lengthen the trial for possibly months, Senate Democrats backed down.

As I have said before in this space, paraphrasing Ron White, 74,000,000 angry voters can’t fix stupid.

And the Democrats’ hypocrisy is flowing down and polluting the Potomac like a river of manure.

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Actually, while those 74,000,000 voters can’t fix stupid today, they sure can in the 2022 midterm elections. Real Republicans — not the Liz Cheneys of the world — might take over the House. Just as bad, for the Democrats, real Republicans might take over the Senate.

One thing is certain. There are 74,000,000 seriously pissed-off voters who are mad enough to do exactly that.

There are a bunch of Washington quislings who somehow think that a few hundred people who launched an incursion into the Capitol are much more important than more than 100 days and nights of rioting, burning down homes and businesses owned by mere American citizens in Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago and New York.

It’s not. There is a pantheon of armed federal agencies to protect the Capitol. But Pelosi was partially in charge and didn’t like the “optics.”

Do you think the GOP will take back the House and Senate in 2022?

What those morons think they are going to do, absent their ability to convict Donald Trump, is to tarnish him among the 74,000,000 voters so he is no longer a threat to their continued rule.

To the contrary, it will make him more of a threat.

2022 is coming up fast. It is hurtling toward Washington.

And then there is lead House manager Jamie Raskin.

This clown was actually a professor of constitutional law.

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Based on his lecture to the Senate, it would be prudent to retest all of his former students.

Take the First Amendment.

I never went to law school. The media was much more fun. But, early in my career, I won a libel action and thus not only took a year of constitutional law in college but had a refresher course during that libel action. Not being one of Raskin’s former students, I can tell you he is full of manure.

Raskin poo-poos the First Amendment. Or, to quote Ken Blackwell, “Raskin took this sham to a new low of unconstitutionality when he argued that there is no First Amendment defense against impeachment. Actually, the Constitution is a 100 percent defense against impeachment. That goes to the heart of what impeachment is about.”

The First Amendment protects political speech. And the morons in the House played back clips of many Trump speeches during the past four years telling us that Washington swamp dwellers wanted to be rid of him by almost any means. They called it “evidence.”

The fact is that the Founding Fathers decided it would take a supermajority to convict an impeached official. That has never happened in the case of a president. It was never going to happen in this case.

What the Democrats have done in this case was pure political theater. It’s too bad that television’s Dick Wolf didn’t write and produce this as an episode of “Law and Order.” It would have only lasted an hour and it would have had much more due process than the real event.

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