Fred Weinberg: Comey's FBI Has Finally Been Exposed


James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Adam Schiff, Eric Holder.

Bad actors, all.

And the president of the United States recognizes that. He is absolutely correct.

If it’s one thing my neighbors and I hate, it’s anybody using their temporary control of a government agency to screw over a fellow citizen. We didn’t like it when Richard Nixon had an “enemies list” and we certainly don’t like it a bit more when the entire deep state got caught piling on to anybody who has the nerve to support President Trump.

I sure wish the king of police procedurals, Dick Wolf, would do an actually true episode on the FBI on CBS about Michael Flynn. As they used to promote “Law and Order,” “ripped from the headlines.” Of course, CBS might be the wrong network, but Wolf didn’t produce his various series for Fox. And, after all, CBS is the home of “Blue Bloods” — a definitively conservative series which is so profitable that even Clinton Broadcasting System had to go with it.

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As Wolf once told The New York Times, “we steal the headline and not the body copy.”

What better headline to steal than you can’t trust a soon-to-be-former president, his intel agencies and the FBI?

For generations, children growing up were taught that the FBI was personified by the late Efrem Zimbalist Jr. That they were always on the side of good. That they were incorruptible. That reputation was carefully manicured by the Washington establishment.

Comey allowed the FBI — the same organization with that reputation—to become prostitutes walking the streets of Washington, D.C.

Now, in fairness, the FBI is roughly the size of the New York Police Department. There are about 35,000 on its staff. And we’re talking about a few at the top. Most agents are, in real life, that portrayal of Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

But those few at the top wield outsized influence when it comes to screwing over a specific person or persons. Especially when enabled by putzes like Schiff, Holder and their political enablers in the Democratic Party.

The mere threat that the Department of Justice can throw the FBI at you has broken people.

This nation works on the principle of voluntary compliance.

Most people follow the law voluntarily. We couldn’t exist any other way because we simply cannot put a cop on every corner.

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In order for that to continue, people must have respect for the law and the system that creates and enforces it.

How can anyone respect this crap — even the Democrats who hate the president so much that they are willing to either engage in or overlook this behavior?

Our respect for the system can only be restored if we take serious actions to correct it.

I’m not talking about blue-ribbon commissions and talking heads.

I’m talking about putting these clowns in prison for substantive terms. Prosecuting and convicting a jerk like Comey would be a great start. Putting a former FBI director in prison over this would tell the world we’re serious. And his little followers should accompany him.

If the evidence can convince a jury that Obama was involved, then him too.

And we should add that to what we teach children about law enforcement.

That’s a Dick Wolf show I’d like to see.

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