New White House Press Sec Issues Dire Warning to Americans About the FBI


Newly appointed White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany continues to impress in her new position working for the White House.

Two days after absolutely leveling members of the White House media corps, the 32-year-old former Trump campaign spokeswoman made waves Friday by warning Americans that they, like former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, could also become targets of needless investigations.

The Justice Department filed a motion Thursday to drop the charges against Flynn, throwing Democrats and some reporters into tantrums.

McEnany assisted in their misery by throwing salt on their still fresh wounds by defending Flynn and castigating the FBI’s top brass over the investigation.

She lauded the “rank-and-file men and women” of the FBI, then offered a prologue of her coming bureau criticism, saying her praise “is separate and apart from what I’m about to address right now.

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“The FBI exists to investigate crimes. But in the case of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, it appears that they might have existed to manufacture one,” she said at Friday’s White House media briefing.

“As a motion filed by the Department of Justice yesterday explained, the FBI set out to interview General Michael Flynn when they had no predicate for any investigation of any crime.”

McEnany then reminded reporters about the details of the investigation, which included a handwritten note passed between investigators in January 2017 questioning whether the FBI’s only goal in interviewing Flynn was to catch him in a perjury trap.

She lamented the treatment of Flynn, who she said was denied due process, and went after the Obama administration for its role in the investigation, before reminding reporters that Americans must have confidence in their justice system.

Do you think former FBI officials will face justice over their treatment of Michael Flynn?

McEnany then issued a dire warning to all Americans.

“If the top leadership of the FBI can target a three-star general who served this country for three decades, make no mistake, they can target you,” she said.

“It’s hard to believe that this happened in the United States of America. General Michael Flynn’s life was forever changed. He had to sell his home. He faced financial ruin. His family was even threatened with prosecution,” she continued.

“In the words of renowned political philosopher Baron de Montesquieu, ‘There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.’

“I hope the media will take these questions very seriously, will report the facts,” she concluded of Flynn.

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Democrats and establishment media reporters, generally speaking, tend to be opposed to unjust actions by law enforcement, but in the case of Flynn, who fell victim to a partisan witch hunt, they were more than happy to see his life and career destroyed by a baseless investigation with apparent political motives.

The New York Post reported that in the 2017 handwritten note, then-FBI counterintelligence director Bill Priestap asked after a meeting with then-FBI Director James Comey and then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe: “What’s our goal? Truth/Admission or to get [Flynn] to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

The bombshell news would have sent honest journalists on a mission to get to the bottom of it, but America’s activist media has instead attempted to portray the DOJ as being guilty of doing the bidding of President Donald Trump by twisting the narrative into one where an exonerated man is somehow receiving special treatment.

They are outraged, as Flynn’s targeted harassment by high-ranking and partisan FBI agents furthered their cause of damaging Trump.

But McEnany is happy to remind them of their own misdeeds while calling out the injustice of the ordeal for Flynn, and also to remind the country that a level of apolitical integrity must be re-established within the FBI.

The question on the mind of journalists should be this: If the FBI demonstrably targeted a retired Army general in such a manner, what else have they done, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again?

But reporters are unwilling to ask such questions.

Kayleigh McEnany is exactly what White House reporters don’t want, but exactly what they need.

The Harvard Law grad is an eloquent, fiery and intelligent conservative woman who is willing to turn their narratives into ashes right before their eyes.

She is happy to deliver truth to a country that at this point cannot rely on its national media, or apparently some of its top law enforcement officials, for honesty.

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