Freudian Slip? Pro-Abortion Celebrity Acknowledges Her Unborn Child Is Actually Human


The unborn are human children with the same value and rights as the rest of us.

Sometimes, even pro-abortion advocates have trouble denying this truth.

Pop singer Halsey shared a photo of her baby bump in an Instagram post on Wednesday and captioned it with, “Surprise!”

When Halsey’s boyfriend, Alev Aydin, commented on the photo to say, “Heart so full, I love you, sweetness,” the pop star said, “I love this mini human already!”

As Buzzfeed reported, months before Halsey announced she was pregnant, the couple received matching “seeds” tattoos on Father’s Day to symbolize “planting seeds into the ground of life.”

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Halsey’s love for her unborn child is natural for any parent, but it seems to conflict with her view on abortion.

According to PopSugar, the singer donated $100,000 to Planned Parenthood in 2017. Halsey has also been outspoken about her support for abortion rights, taking to Twitter on May 29, 2019, to oppose statewide bans on the procedure.

“[L]et’s be clear: abortion is a right, abortion is legal, abortion is YOUR decision,” she wrote. “[S]tand with me, the @aclu, and the abortion providers fighting on the front lines. none of us can be silent.”

Now that Halsey is pregnant, both she and several media outlets have used humanizing language to refer to her unborn child.

Outlets like Vanity Fair have frequently supported abortion, but the headline for a story about Halsey’s pregnancy used her “mini human” phrase. The Los Angeles Times even called the child a “rainbow baby” in reference to Halsey’s three previous miscarriages.

In 2016, Halsey told Rolling Stone that she blamed one of her miscarriages on working too hard.

“I beat myself up for it because I think that the reason it happened is just the lifestyle I was living. I wasn’t drinking. I wasn’t doing drugs. I was f*****g overworked — in the hospital every couple of weeks because I was dehydrated, needing bags of IVs brought to my greenroom. I was anemic, I was fainting.”

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She confessed that one thing that bothered her the most about the miscarriage is that no one was forcing her to work that hard.

“I had a choice,” Halsey said.

The singer shared her panic about the pregnancy she eventually lost, as she feared it would interfere with her career. Despite these concerns, Halsey admitted that she desperately wants to be a mother — similar to women who may feel pushed toward abortion due to overwhelming circumstances.

Like Halsey, they also might have desires about motherhood but feel such a dream is impossible. In both a miscarriage and an abortion, a human life is lost.

Children in the womb are either human children deserving of rights or they are some sort of being that does not merit full human status. It is not possible for them to be both.

Halsey’s announcement that she is pregnant after suffering such devastating losses is joyous news, and it is worthy of celebration.

But her current stance on abortion is incompatible with her acceptance that the child she has now, and the children she lost to miscarriage, are valuable human beings.

The unborn cannot be treated as equal persons when it seems right and as less-than-equal persons when a woman desires an abortion.

Hopefully, all continues to go well with her current pregnancy and Halsey will also realize her present philosophy on abortion cannot coexist with the value she has assigned to her unborn children.

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Samantha Kamman is an associate staff writer for The Western Journal. She has been published in several media outlets, including Live Action News and the Washington Examiner.
Samantha Kamman is an associate staff writer for The Western Journal. She has been published in several media outlets, including Live Action News and the Washington Examiner.