Fully Vaccinated Masked Kamala Harris Looks Weak Standing Next to Unmasked Mexican President


Vice President Kamala Harris projected weakness and flouted science in Mexico City on Tuesday when she met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

USA Today reported the pair met to discuss the relationship between the two countries. Harris declared Mexico and the U.S. are “embarking on a new era” during the visit, which occurred after the vice president left Central America in an apparent attempt to address the immigration quagmire her administration has created.

Harris stopped in Guatemala on Sunday to view the place of origin for many of the people her administration has indirectly encouraged to come into the porous U.S. border with Mexico, although she told potential migrants not to travel to the U.S. on Tuesday.

At the Palacio Nacional in Mexico, Harris touted the close relationship she says she has with the country’s neighbor to the south. But while López Obrador embraced science in the post-vaccine era of the coronavirus pandemic, Harris, who has been vaccinated, embarrassed this country by wearing a theatrical garment over her face during a photo op.

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Peter Velz, the director of press operations for Harris, also shared an image of the two leaders standing side by side.

“Mexican President López Obrador welcomed the @VP to the National Palace, which doubles as his residence, and showed her ‘The History of Mexico’ by Diego Rivera,” Velz wrote. “The fresco painter was born in Mexico City and lived in San Francisco, where VP Harris served as District Attorney.”

Velz didn’t explain why Harris was wearing a mask six months after she was vaccinated for the coronavirus. Perhaps he didn’t need to.

Harris and other high-profile Democrats routinely flout science by keeping up with the ongoing mask charade. These people simply can’t quit the pandemic — not even when the need to project a sense of pride and confidence while visiting another country supersedes the need to play political games domestically.

Harris’ theatrics made both her and the country appear weak and afraid during a time when she needed to stand side by side with López Obrador by appearing, at the very least, as a peer.

She allowed him to tower over her.

Harris needed to project confidence and strength, but she chose to appear as an anonymous woman standing next to a confident world leader who not only showed his face, but also didn’t undermine the apparent efficacy of vaccinations. López Obrador, who himself was vaccinated in April, according to Reuters, has no need to virtue signal virus mitigation efforts after becoming immune to the virus.

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It’s difficult to argue that Harris did not display to the Mexican people that she is out of her league. By virtue of that, it’s difficult to see a reason why people in that country considering entering the U.S. from Mexico have any reason to listen to her.

Why would any person listen to someone who so flagrantly violates social mores and undermines common sense?

Harris visited Central America and Mexico this week, and the most memorable moment of those diplomatic missions was that she dared not show her face to the people of Mexico.

Do you think Harris will step in and relieve President Joe Biden before his term is up?

There is another consequential place where Harris has also not shown her face: the border. In her fifth month as VP, Harris hasn’t gone anywhere near the U.S. border with Mexico. Since becoming the Biden administration’s border czar, she has not approached any of the facilities that she and her boss have transformed into an epicenter of human suffering.

Harris is apparently concerned about virtue signaling to her party’s unhinged base, more than she is about anything else.

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