Watch: VP Harris and Husband, Both Fully Vaccinated, Kiss Outside with Masks On


Masks have become an integral part of COVID-19 orthodoxy, with top officials advocating for every American to do their part by wearing one in public.

But the extent of the mask-wearing has become sheer insanity, even going so far as to prompt Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff to exchange a kiss while masked up.

A video tweet from Breaking911 shows Harris and Emhoff walking side-by-side outdoors while wearing masks.

The two, who are both fully vaccinated, pause to exchange a kiss before parting ways.

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Though we can debate whether the two performed the action out of a propagandist notion that masks should be worn at all times or simply out of sheer stupidity, this still looks bad for the narrative that the state of the pandemic is changing.

So many questions have gone unanswered since Americans first received widespread access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Why do fully vaccinated adults still have to wear masks? Why are we expected to wear masks outdoors, especially if we are fully vaccinated? Can we ever go maskless again as long as variants continue to arise?

Do you think mask-wearing has gone too far?

The CDC’s most recent outdoor mask guidelines simply label how dangerous or safe particular outdoor activities are for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, but offer no explanation as to why.

Even The Atlantic — a leftist magazine — thinks these outdoor guidelines are too restrictive and fail to give people a better understanding of the science behind the prompts.

Still, we see our vice president wearing a mask outdoors after being fully vaccinated and it makes Americans wonder what exactly changes after receiving the vaccine — which doesn’t help the COVID narrative the White House is trying to push very much.

As Americans become increasingly skeptical of pandemic guidelines, especially those for the fully vaccinated, we hear (and see) more about the importance of mask-wearing to bring an end to the pandemic.

But that “end date” keeps getting pushed back further and further by our leaders.

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It appears President Joe Biden and Harris aren’t going to take off their masks anytime soon, regardless of their vaccination status. It also appears that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s controversial COVID discourse isn’t going to disappear as soon as we’d like.

Harris and Emhoff appear completely devoid of scientific awareness with their “masked kiss.”

How did we ever come to this? Will we ever see the return to normalcy that we crave? And, better yet, with all of the talk about variants, will we ever be allowed to show a maskless face in public again?

For now, it appears that our leaders are determined to keep dictating every aspect of our lives — using the coronavirus as a tool.

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