Gang Attacks Helpless Man in Street. Wife Shows Up & Sends Them Running


Never underestimate a wife who loves her husband. They are some of the most loyal people you will ever find on earth.

They tend to be the backbone of their man — nurturing, caring, and supportive. On top of that, they’re also very protective when it comes to the love of their life.

There is such a thing as a ride-or-die chick or a woman who will stand next to her man when faced with adversity. She never leaves his side or abandons him when he needs her the most.

Some men are lucky enough to have this kind of woman in their life, and we found one recently living in Lucknow, India.

A surveillance video shared by the New York Post has taken the internet by storm.

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It showed the moments a gang attacked a helpless man in the street right outside his home.

As the footage shows, Abid Ali was being beaten to the ground by several ruthless men, one who was using a rod as a weapon.

It didn’t look good — he was way outnumbered, and the beating was vicious. This group didn’t look like they were about to let him walk away.

The attack continued until his brave wife showed up and sent them running. Just seconds into the footage, the woman rushed over toward the gate.


But, she didn’t come alone. She had a gun at her side and quickly pointed it at the assailants.

One of the muggers quickly noticed the wife came armed and ready. He ran for his life.

The rest of the thugs eventually scattered once the wife started shooting in their direction. She then handed the revolver to Ali who finished the job, scaring off the attackers.

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Since the incident, police have investigated the brutal beating. They’re looking into four possible suspects that may have been involved that day.

Fortunately, Ali survived the attack with the help of his heroic wife. If she hadn’t run to his aid, this story would have ended very differently.

Her courageous actions have now gained her the new nickname “Revolver Rani,” which is actually the title of a 2014 Indian crime movie.

This is one of those videos that will forever go down in history. It’s a clear reminder to never get on a wife’s bad side or you may just meet their revolver!

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