General Flynn Slams Tucker Carlson After Fox Host Doubts Sidney Powell: 'You Sit on High and Pontificate'


Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn lambasted prominent Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday night, defending his personal lawyer Sidney Powell against disparaging remarks pertaining to her work on Trump campaign litigation related to the 2020 presidential election.

Powell was part of a Thursday news conference in which prominent members of the Trump legal team laid out their less-than-substantive “opening statement” in a multi-pronged attempt to challenge swing-state election results with sworn statements regarding mass voter fraud — an exercise that has invited no shortage of establishment media criticism.

Much to the chagrin of some conservative audiences members, Carlson was one of the loudest critics, joining with left-wing media peers to suggest Powell and her colleagues ought to go public with the evidence they claim to possess.

“Come on @TuckerCarlson you’re still not being genuine. @SidneyPowell1 is slaying dragons with her small team and you sit on high and pontificate,” Flynn tweeted Friday.

“Go do some street journalism and ask the tough questions yourself. Why the hell not!?” the retired Army lieutenant general added.

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The verbal onslaught came after Carlson had attempted to nuance earlier statements made on-air, suggesting he would also be one of the loudest supporters were the Trump legal team to expose widespread voter fraud in court while remaining realistic about the fast-closing window of opportunity.

With some states already moving to certify their election results and the Electoral College set to confirm a president-elect come Dec. 14, little time remains for Powell and her colleagues to turn up definitive proof of the 7 million ballot alterations that she has alleged.

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As of yet, no such proof has been provided to the public, though much ado has been made about the reliability of evidence found in the hundreds of affidavits apparently assembled by the Trump team in recent weeks.

Powell told Fox Business on Friday morning that it would not be long before the proof was made public, however. In fact, proof could come “within the next two weeks,” the lawyer claimed.

Of course, we have heard many such claims and seen little follow-up. The air raid sirens have been sounding since election night and, yet, little has come in the way of a major bombshell.

Not even Trump administration officials seem to have seen the proof Powell claims to have, Carlson reported Friday evening.

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“In the last 24 hours … we’ve heard from a lot of people about that segment, including people in the White House and people close to the president. Like us, they have concluded this election was not fair. Like us, they are willing to believe any explanation for what happened,” Carlson said.

“Like us, they have not seen a single piece of evidence showing that software changed votes.

“It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It might have happened. It means they haven’t seen any evidence that it happened. And by ‘they,’ we are including other members of Donald Trump’s own legal team,” the host added.

None of this is to say the truth should not be sought or election integrity fought for. Quite the opposite.

As Carlson noted, the revelation of definitive proof would transform these allegations into “the greatest crime in the history of this country.”

The host was also right to argue in his initial remarks, however, that Powell and her colleagues would need to provide that proof quickly and publicly, if they want honest members of the conservative punditry to continue giving credence to their claims.

After all, we aren’t the left-wing establishment media, who unfairly destroyed men like Brett Kavanaugh and Carter Page without the proof to convict and went along with FBI efforts to hang Flynn in the court of public opinion on improperly collected evidence.

Powell claims that this is different, that the evidence is coming and that she simply rejected Carlson’s pressing information requests out of hand as “insulting, demanding and rude.”

But unprofessional information request or not, the point remains that if conservative pundits and heartland American voters are expected to hitch their wagon to Trump campaign voter fraud claims, they deserve a taste of what’s to come.

We know far too much to have blind faith in political claims, campaign promises and bureaucratic institutions, no matter what side they’re on.

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