Giuliani Like We've Never Heard Him Before: Biden's a Mentally Deficient Idiot


Rudy Giuliani is known for his blunt and no-nonsense style, but he may have just outdone himself.

The ex-federal prosecutor who was once the target of a mob murder plot by the mob, and the former mayor of New York City who became a national icon after the 9/11 attacks, just unloaded on Joe Biden — and he didn’t hold anything back in his scathing attack on the former vice president.

During an interview with the left-leaning Huffington Post, Giuliani slammed Biden’s intelligence and fitness to be president if he decides to run in 2020.

“I’m calling Joe Biden a mentally deficient idiot,” Giuliani said.

Using the word “moron” to describe Obama’s past running mate, Giuliani also alleged that Biden finished last at New York’s Syracuse University College of Law.

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“America’s Mayor” dismissed Biden’s chances at beating Donald Trump in a race for the White House, focusing on the former vice president’s age.

“He’s also too old. He’s four years older than Trump,” Giuliani declared. (For the record, Biden is only three years older than Donald Trump. Biden is 75, turning 76 in November. Trump is now 72.)

Giuliani himself is 74, making that line of attack a bit odd.

In many campaigns, a well-known name is an advantage. That wouldn’t be the case for Democrats in the coming presidential election, the New York firebrand insisted.

Did Rudy cross the line in his attack on Biden?

As Politico described the interview, Giuliani said that “older, better-known contenders like Biden or Sen. Elizabeth Warren would pose less of a challenge to the incumbent president than ‘unknown’ faces within the Democratic Party.”

“They need someone new, who would be more threatening to us,” Giuliani told HuffPo. “They’ve got to hit us with a surprise.”

Giuliani’s dismissive statements echoed the attitude taken by President Trump regarding a Biden run in 2020.

“Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically,” Trump wrote on Twitter in March, after Biden implied that he wanted to fight the president. (The liberal ladies on “The View” practically swooned at Biden getting macho.)

“He doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way. Don’t threaten people Joe!” Trump continued.

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If you thought the 2016 election season was wild, just imagine Trump versus Biden in 2020. It seems insults — and possibly fists — would be constantly flying.

Whether that chaotic match-up actually happens is still anyone’s guess, but it certainly looks like Giuliani is in Trump’s corner.

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