GOP Lawmaker Slams Psaki for Turning an Entire Military Branch Into the 'Punchline of a Joke'


White House press secretary Jen Psaki diminished the work of an entire U.S. military branch this week, and some Republicans in Congress are demanding she apologizes.

Psaki must have been feeling confident in her new role on Tuesday, as the master of the “circle back” actually had an answer to a reporter’s question during her daily media briefing.

But while the question was serious, Psaki’s answer was rude and demeaning to the newly formed United States Space Force.

The press secretary was asked if her boss, President Joe Biden, had made any decisions regarding the future of the sixth military branch, which was conceived and created under the Trump administration.

“Wow. Space Force. It’s the plane of today,” Psaki said in an apparent reference to the recent storm of questions she got about plans for the Air Force One color scheme. “It is an interesting question. I am happy to check with our Space Force point of contact. I’m not sure who that is. I will find out and see if we have any update on that.”

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Don’t you just get the sense that deep down, far-left Psaki shuddered at the thought of having to answer any questions about the service branch?

The woman who is the face of the administration that claims to represent the people who champion “SCIENCE” brushed away a serious question, echoing what certainly appeared to be previous sentiment dismissing those who wear the Space Force patch.

Do you think Democrats are inherently anti-police and military?

Psaki’s cutesy comment didn’t go over well with GOP Reps. Michael Waltz of Florida and Mike Rogers of Alabama, both of whom went after the White House press secretary and defended the vital role of the Space Force in protecting against potential looming threats from China.

“It’s concerning to see the Biden administration’s press secretary blatantly diminish an entire branch of our military as the punchline of a joke, which I’m sure China would find funny,” Rogers said, according to Politico.

“The Space Force was passed with near-unanimous support in Congress, the same type of ‘unity’ President Biden is supposedly working towards,” he continued. “Jen Psaki needs to immediately apologize to the men and women of the Space Force for this disgraceful comment.”

“This is just another example of the Biden administration not taking China seriously while demeaning the incredible work of Space Force personnel,” Waltz, a founding member of the House Space Force Caucus, said.

Psaki must have been feeling some heat, as she later posted what appeared to be a damage-control tweet.

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Psaki and others who think like her would have probably laughed when the United States Air Force was officially created in 1947. They probably would have argued the Army or Navy should be left to aviation.

In fact, some of these people probably would have scoffed in the years leading up to the First World War at the idea of anyone using the sky for combat.

Thirty years later, airplanes in the Pacific were taking off from carrier decks in battles for air superiority as the country fought a two-front global conflict which ended with nukes being dropped from airplanes over Japan.

Air superiority has been key in conflicts now for roughly a century, and space has been in the picture since Sputnik was launched by the Soviets in 1957.

The Space Force is no gimmicky service branch made up of people being paid to look at satellite feeds. The branch saved lives last winter when U.S. troops were being pounded by a barrage of missiles from Iran after former President Donald Trump ordered Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani clipped in Iraq.

According to The Federalist, “It was the technology produced by the Space Force’s 2nd Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado that saved the lives of Americans from an incoming Iranian missile on Jan. 7, 2020. Luckily, there were only sustained injuries and no fatalities. This is because of an innovative Space-Based Infrared System. Referred to by President Trump as an ‘early warning system.’”

In all reality, had former President Barack Obama’s administration formed the Space Force, the media would have celebrated, and Psaki probably would have gushed over it had she been in her current role at the time. Obama would have been crowned a man of the future doing the work of the people right now.

Had Biden been intuitive enough to focus on national security in a likeminded way on day one, rather than sign away tens of thousands of jobs, he’d have been hailed a saint. Then reporters, Democrats and other grifters would have likely claimed that Trump left space unguarded and to the country’s adversaries, while doing nothing to protect the American people.

But Trump’s administration created the branch in 2019, and it drew the mockery of the pundit class, Democrats and the slanted late-night hosts.

Psaki, in her official capacity as the face of the White House, joined them this week in being dismissive of those whose service could some day prove to make a difference as fights reach new frontiers.

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