GOP Senator Says to 'Lock Your Doors Tonight' After Classified Briefing on Unidentified Objects


A GOP Senator has given a chilling four-word warning to the American people following a classified briefing about the unidentified objects being spotted over our country.

Yesterday, Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana spoke to reporters following a classified briefing on the numerous unidentified flying objects that have been spotted flying over American airspace in the last few weeks.

In his brief interview, he said that this has been happening far longer than we had realized and called on the Biden administration to be more transparent regarding what these objects were and if they posed a threat.

“Now that this cow is out of the barn,” he said, “the president and the director of national intelligence needs to address it. They need to explain to the American people if they know … what these things are, who put them up there, and do they pose a threat to the American people, and if the answer is ‘no,’ how do they know that?”

“It’s clear to me. This is not a recent phenomenon. … This has been going on for a long, long, long time.”

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He then ended the interview with a chilling warning to the public: “Lock your doors tonight.”

Now Sen. Kennedy is known for his sense of humor, and it is likely that his comment was a way to end this rather serious and somewhat unnerving interview on a light note. But the overall message that he is trying to send is one that is very serious.

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Kennedy, despite his sense of humor, seems very worried about the possible threat that these unidentified objects could pose to the American people and to national security. He feels that important information is being withheld from them and that the Biden administration has a duty to come forward and tell the public what’s happening.

On Tuesday, he was interviewed on “Fox and Friends,” where he said much the same thing. “Ten days ago, we were led to believe that our skies are clear, and now all of a sudden, we’ve got spy balloons and unidentified objects raining down on us like confetti,” he said. “The American people deserve to know what is going on.”

Indeed, one gets the sense from listening to him speak that this is not just a small passing affair that politicians have to deal with every day — this is something that is genuinely worrying, and the American people should be worried.

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One Twitter user pointed out that it seems as if the more Kennedy learns about this, the more uneasy he becomes.

Indeed, Kennedy has every right to ask for transparency. We are witnessing something unprecedented, and we now have the impression that our skies are not as secure as we once thought and that we are vulnerable to espionage — or worse — from foreign powers.

The Biden administration needs to come forward and tell the American people what’s happening, either to tell us for certain that everything is fine or to let us know if there is any real danger.

Unfortunately, as we have seen time and again, transparency is not exactly a hallmark of the Biden administration. The White House under Biden seems more interested in covering up inconvenient truths than telling the whole story to the public.

But this is not just an issue about the behavior of the administration, this is a national security issue. It is more critical than ever that Biden and his advisors stop playing games and just tell the American people what we need to know.

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