Grandma Sticks Feet Into Fish Pedicure. As Soon as Fish Start Munching, Camera Captures Hilarious


There’s always something new to try to improve your complexion, even out your skin tone, or smooth away wrinkles.

Charcoal masks that peel off your face, spinning brushes that reach deep down into your pores, and a variety of lotions and potions are available at pretty much every drugstore.

But there’s a rather old method that’s being introduced to the United States, and it’s leaving people in stitches: fish pedicures.

It sounds odd, but that’s because it is odd. There are few beauty treatments as strange as this one — and yet, people swear by it.

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What exactly is involved in the procedure? Well, it’s pretty simple. You stick your feet into a tub of water, and little fish, well… nibble at your feet.

The process of the fish “eating” dead skin cells is said to be more effective than exfoliating and leaves your skin silky-smooth.

These little fish, known as Gara rufa, are small, minnow-sized fish. They have no teeth, but can still slough off old skin cells.

Even adult fish are small, and they originate from Eurasia and especially Turkey, where their use to cure skin maladies has been recognized for quite some time.

In their natural environment, many live in warm springs where people go to bathe. The fish pick away at dead skin cells without damaging live skin.

They became very popular in Asia, where they are known as the “doctor fish,” and have since made their way to the United States.

This unnamed woman is trying out the fad, but even before plunging her feet into the tank she loses it and cannot stop laughing.

The laughter intensifies as the little doctor fish begin their treatment, nibbling away at the skin on her feet.

If you have ticklish feet, this spa treatment can be torture! The light little nips on both the tops and bottoms of your feet is incessant.

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“Don’t touch me!” she says, multiple times, knowing full well that’s exactly what the little silver fish are going to do.

It’s not long before the tears are streaming down her face and it’s taking every ounce of willpower she has to keep from yanking her feet back out of the water.

She covers her face with her hands as she wails, and the people observing her laugh, too. But she sticks with it!

Despite the tears and laughter, she lets the doctor fish work their magic. Would you be brave enough to try this treatment?

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