Grandson Spends Year Working on Grandpa's 81st Birthday Gift. Gramp's Left in Tears


How do you tell someone you love them? Saying it for sure, but how else?

When we were younger, we’d make our parents things, anything — paintings, cards, weird little bouquets of sticks and weeds — as a way to show our affection.

As soon as we get a little cash though, we stop making things to show we care and start buying tokens of affection.

Well, Cam Dedman of Louisville, Kentucky, decided that he needed to go old school with his grandfather, Fred Lamar. Dedman decided to make something extra special for Lamar.

Now, to be clear, he didn’t make something from scratch. But he did put a year of sweat, time, money, and pure love into his gift.

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And what was that gift? Dedman restored, fully, his grandfather’s 1957 Chevy as a birthday present.

Now that’s a present, right? Lamar, who was turning 81, never imagined that he’d be sitting behind the wheel of his hot rod again, yet there he was.

Dedman told WDRB, “My grandpa is like my best friend. He does everything with me.”

“We’d go drag racing, watching racing all the time. That and he got me into cars when I was young.”

For his part, Lamar was…well, let’s say floored. When he took his blindfold off, he kept backing up and it looked like he might lose his balance.

“I’d never think I’d see that car. I love it,” he said.

Lamar bought the car when he was just 28 years old. He’s very much looking forward to having it back on the road. He and Dedman already have plans to show it off at car shows and perhaps do a little cruisin’!

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Dedman has been sharing the restoration and reveal on his Facebook page. He listed out all of the work that he did.

The list proves that Dedman has some skills: “…metal work and restored the whole frame, interior body and under body exhaust, wired the whole with brand new up to date wiring, full Rockford stereo, vintage air AC, rack and pinion steering, power disc brakes, all tubular suspension…” And, well, the list goes on and on.

Grandpa was clearly impressed with his grandson’s work. “It means the world to me,” he said, tearing up.

It’s a beautiful, and oil-soaked, gesture of love and respect. It’s also a reminder that the best gifts we can give are the ones we make ourselves!

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