Graphic Video Shows Who LA Dodgers Are Really Inviting to Game: 'Most Grotesque Display' Ever Seen


It turns out that the blasphemous anti-Christian group being honored by the LA Dodgers is way worse than anyone could possibly imagine.

Earlier this week, the professional baseball team became mired in controversy after it announced that it would be honoring the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” an anti-Catholic group of drag queens that makes a mockery of women who have devoted their lives to God, at its “Pride Night” game.

After an intense backlash from Christians, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, the Dodgers decided to rescind the invitation, before caving to the pressure of the LGBT mob and reinviting them.

Now video has emerged showing these “sisters” engaging in acts that are so blasphemous and offensive to God that they could have only originated from the depths of hell itself.

A video of a performance from the “sisters” shows a man pretending to be Jesus crucified on the cross, while one of the scantily clad drag queens pole dances on the cross.

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WARNING: Some viewers may find the following videos disturbing.

In addition, it has also been brought to light that this blasphemous group staged a drag queen Easter show which featured a “Hunky Jesus” and a “Foxy Mary.”

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Now, in response to these revelations showing the drag queens making a mockery of the most sacred mysteries of the Christian faith, the backlash against them and the Dodgers has only grown, with one Twitter user calling it “the most grotesque display I think I’ve ever seen.”

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Meanwhile, pressure is growing on members of the Dodgers organization who are nominally Christian to speak up against this blasphemy. As mentioned in the earlier tweet, Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw has “Colossians 3:23” in his Twitter bio, while manager Dave Roberts has previously said that faith is an important part of his life.

People are begging them on Twitter to not remain silent in the face of this mockery of the faith.

Make no mistake about it, these “sisters” are pure evil, and are making a mockery of the One who will not be mocked.

It is shameful that people like Kershaw and Roberts have not spoken out against this. We hope and pray that they will draw the attention of the team to this great evil.

The backlash that they risk incurring from the woke mob for saying this, however, may, unfortunately, be just enough for them to remain silent.

Still, this needs to be called out. This has gone beyond merely embracing leftist politics and has devolved into anti-Christian bigotry.

CORRECTION, May 25, 2023: Clayton Kershaw is a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. An earlier version of this article gave a different name.

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