Gretchen Whitmer Conveniently 'Loses Connection' When Asked Awkward Question About Hunter Biden


Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proved over the weekend that her party will engage in whatever antics it needs to, even if that means dodging questions about Hunter Biden while hypocritically shredding former President Donald Trump as a “convicted felon.”

Whitmer appeared on a segment of CNN’s “State of the Union” with Dana Bash on Sunday.

When asked about Biden’s felony trial for allegedly lying on a federal gun form that asked if he was addicted to drugs in 2018, the governor unconvincingly indicated she couldn’t hear Bash.

“I want to turn to a different, very different trial, and that is one that is going on in Delaware with the president’s son, Hunter Biden,” the CNN host said.

“He is on trial for obtaining and possessing a firearm while under the influence of illegal drugs, which was against the law,” she continued. “Republican Lindsey Graham says that an average American would not have been prosecuted for this.”

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Whitmer interrupted her, saying, “Dana, are you there?”

“Yes, governor, can you hear me?” Bash said.

“OK, it sounds like the governor can’t hear me,” she said. “You know what? We’re going to take a very quick commercial break and get this fixed, and we will be right back. Don’t go anywhere.”

Some astute observers noted Whitmer peered off camera at the 18-second mark in the clip above when the question about Biden was being asked, causing speculation about how deliberate this connection issue was.

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The governor came back on later in the show after her supposed issue was fixed, and Bash asked her again about the Biden trial.

Was this “issue” a deliberate lie?

“You know, I don’t know how to weigh in on that, Dana,” Whitmer responded.

“I will just say this,” she said, after having had time to form a response. “I saw and I was happy to see, when the president was asked about this, he will have confidence in the judicial system. He’s not going to undermine it. And I think we will see how it plays out.

“But, right now, we know that, in this country, there is a stark choice in front of us between a president who respects the rule of law and a former president who is a convicted felon, who wants to use the implements of government to go after his enemies, and is running on vengeance and grievance as his platform, versus the sitting president, who has delivered for this country and respects the judiciary and wants to shore up this democracy.”

Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in late May.

Democrats have been elated since the verdict and quick to label him a “convicted felon” as their candidate — President Joe Biden — will need every ounce of help he can muster before the November election.

Sure, the left will bombard the presumptive Republican nominee with scorn and vitriol after a biased trial presided over by a judge who flaunted the law in the name of partisanship.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s criminal trial has entered its second week — and this is not the end of his legal troubles, as his trial on tax evasion charges is set to begin in September.

While Joe Biden has publicly said he would not issue a presidential pardon to his son, the left must try in earnest to protect Hunter Biden from scrutiny as his criminal behavior has a paper trail back to his father.

This is where the left walks a hard line.

With the conviction of Trump and Hunter Biden’s criminal activities under a microscope, criticism of the former will inevitably lead to questions about the latter.

Logic ordains that if Trump is not above the law, neither is the Biden family.

One method to address this problem is simply to pull a page from Whitmer’s book and run away from it.

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