Hamas Prepares for Bloody Last Stand, Realizes Too Late They've Fallen for the Oldest Trick in the Book: Report


It appears that an elegant act of deception by the Israeli Defense Forces may have led to the slaughter of hundreds of Hamas terrorists, all without a single civilian caught in the crossfire.

On Friday, IDF issued a tweet through their English language social media channels that “air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip.”

Predictably, establishment media outlets gobbled up the news as the latest evidence of an Israeli invasion of Palestine.

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“Israeli troops have entered the Gaza Strip as conflict with Palestinians escalates,” The Washington Post reported.

“The Israeli military directed heavy artillery fire and dozens of airstrikes into Gaza overnight into Friday,” CNN tweeted, “as fears grew that a ground invasion of the territory could be launched to quell rocket fire from Palestinian militants.”

In response to the supposed invasion, hundreds of Hamas fighters who had previously been hiding among the civilian Palestinian population fled into the terror group’s extensive tunnel network to prepare for a bloody final battle with Israeli forces, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The invasion never came, however.

Instead, as the confused Hamas fighters came out of the tunnels, 160 Israeli aircraft flew overhead and rained fire and fury upon the terrorists.

The Jerusalem Post reported the attack struck 150 targets including anti-tank and mortar teams.

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The IDF verified the claim on Twitter with impressive footage of the assault.

In “The Art of War,” the 5th century B.C. strategist and military philosopher, Sun Tzu, wrote that “All warfare is based on deception.”

“Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near,” he wrote.

Israel’s latest twist of the knife against Hamas is just the latest variation of this ancient military dictum.

The move also served to eliminate real materiel assets of Hamas, that have previously been used in the ongoing terrorist attacks against Israel and its people.

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The greatest achievement of the assault may be one of soft power, however. Though Israel certainly eliminated innumerable terrorist fighters and destroyed untold tons of military material, it also secured an undeniable political victory by demonstrating that its tactics spared civilian life and infrastructure, all despite Hamas’ attempts to use families as human shields.

Hamas launched thousands of rockets at civilian centers in Israel this week, all for the sake of sowing chaos and strife.

Israel, meanwhile, appeared to conduct an elegant ruse to consolidate Hamas fighters away from civilian centers and destroy them without threat to innocent human life.

The ethical and strategic ramifications concerning Hamas and Israel need no further explanation.

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