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Hard Times Forced Family To Sell Beloved Horse 'Spook' - 4 Years Later, Watch Their Reunion


There’s something unique and magical about the bond between girls and horses. At some point, a pony ends up on a heartfelt Christmas wish list for most girls.

Dogs are great, cats can be fun, and there’s a variety of other critters that can bring joy and fulfillment — but there’s just something about horses that places them in a category all their own.

They’re not cheap, and perhaps the dreamy quality surrounding them is primarily because most young women can only imagine owning a horse. Horses and ponies are a major purchase and the upkeep costs can be staggering for a young family.

But every once in a while, things will line up just right and the girl will get her horse. That happened for a young lady named Bay, who fell in love with a horse named Spook.

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Even though someone said Spook wasn’t destined for great things, Bay saw potential. She loved him, and they competed in barrel racing. The two were fast friends, inseparable until the family experienced financial difficulties that pushed them to make a very difficult decision: to sell Spook.

All was not lost, though. Four years passed, but there were plans in the making to bring Spook back. Once all the details were worked out, Bay’s mom and some others took her to the stable and instructed her to sit on a table and hold some sheets of paper that had writing on them.

At first, Bay was confused, complaining that she wasn’t wearing the right boots and didn’t know she was going to have to be on camera today. But the video soon makes it clear that something major is about to happen.

As she sat there, she and another woman displayed the message on the papers, one piece at a time, so that the camera could see the words but Bay could not.

“4 years ago, I had to sell my best friend, Spook,” the message read. “We won many barrel races together, we won many belt buckles. I had many long talks with Spook. Ya know he always listened. I thought he would be a part of my life forever.”

“Then it all changed! My life was turned upside down! I turned to my buddy Spook. He always comforted me when I was sad. Then I was told I had to sell him. I did what I could to help my mom. Even tho (sic) my heart was broken and ripped out of my chest.”

“The day came the new family came to get Spook. I was strong at first because I knew Spook would help another little girl learn to barrel race. Then came the tears. Letting go of that leadline (sic) was the hardest and heart crushing thing I have ever gone thru (sic). I asked God why Spook my friend not now while I need him.”

“Then like that, Spook was gone! The hole in my heart was never the same. Over the years I followed him on facebook with his owners. Watching him run and rembering (sic) all of mine. I was ok knowing he was taken care of. But I missed him. Maybe one day Spook will get to come home! Spook has a heart as big as Texas. He would give me 100% every run! Horses like Spook only come around once in a lifetime.”

“Now Facebook you are about to watch a long awaited reunion. A little girl and her Big Black Horse together again. Bay has no clue whats (sic) about to happen. But me and Mike baught (sic) Spook back. Together we wanted to put that piece of Bays (sic) heart back.”

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“Bay was told Spook was a pasture pet, he was no good and useless by someone onetime. But we knew better. I saw the smile Spook put on her face in and out of the arena. Thats (sic) something $$ can’t buy. Thank (sic) to Mike and his big heart he made this happen. He brought Spook home and fixed Bays (sic) broken heart. ARE YALL READY!! BAY TURN AROUND.”


Of course, Bay turned around to her Spook, standing next to the trailer. She rushed over to him, pressing her face to his and then burying herself in his neck as she gave him a huge hug.

The story of his journey was being told to her by those who helped orchestrate it, but Bay was overwhelmed, still sobbing into her horse’s neck. And it seems that this time around, Spook is there to stay.

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