You Haven't Experienced True Happiness Until You Hear This Tiny Owl Sneeze


Sneezes can be extremely annoying, messy, and sometime painful. They seem to come out of nowhere and take over your entire body, but there’s something about small things sneezing that makes our hearts well up in pure happiness.

Maybe it’s pity because we know how these violent attacks can affect you or maybe it’s just because we can’t handle how adorable they truly are.

Whether it’s a young infant sneezing in the bathtub or baby hedgehogs showing just how cute they can be, something in your heart just wants to scream, “Bless You!” and hug them all at the same time.

For example, a fluffy ball of white fur captivated millions of people’s hearts when he was overcome with a violent sneezing fit in 2015.

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It has gained over 13 million views and for good reason.

Roux the Pomeranian was fine until a monster sneeze began building inside of his tiny body.

The violent fit almost instantly uplifts your spirit, but makes you wonder how such a large sneeze could come out of such a small creature.

It doesn’t look real, but I promise it is.

Similarly, a tiny owl is also showing just how adorable sneezes can truly be.

While Roux the Pomeranian’s fluffy shield of fur added an extra level of cuteness, this sweet owl shows that you don’t need fur to be cute.

I don’t even know if this is possible, but it seems like the bird is smacking its beak while sleepily looking at something behind the camera.

Then, all of the sudden, the cutest little sound exudes from its body. It sounds like something in between a bike horn and duckling.

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And if you’re like me, your heart melted as soon as you heard it.

Who knew that owl sneezes could be so darn cute?

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