Herman Cain: Biden May Not Call Himself a Socialist, But He Sure Looks Like One

It’s easy to see why Democrats leaned on Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg to get out of the race and endorse Joe Biden before Super Tuesday.

Neither one of them was going to be the nominee, and right now Democrats are in a full-scale panic over the prospect of nominating a socialist in Bernie Sanders.

They figure that will result in one of the all-time epic wipeouts in the history of presidential elections. I think they’re right. Donald Trump must thank God daily for the opponents he gets to run against.

The Democrats seem confident that, with Klobuchar and Buttigieg backing Biden, their supporters will follow suit and the non-socialist Democratic voters will all coalesce around the guy the Democratic establishment has always wanted as the nominee.

Shorthand for all this: Democrats don’t want to nominate a socialist.

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But there’s a problem with that: I don’t know if it’s possible for them not to nominate a socialist.

I realize that Biden is not a socialist in any formal sense. He doesn’t identify as one. He doesn’t run around singing the praises of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. He never worked for the Socialist Workers Party like Sanders did. He never defended the Iranian hostage-taker, nor did he accuse the American hostages of being spies, like Sanders did.

In other words, Biden at least knows how to act the part of a sane, patriotic American.

But in terms of policy outcomes, how much difference would there really be between Biden and Sanders?

Do you think Biden will make a comeback and win the Democratic nomination?

Both want to forgive student loans. Both want a much larger role for government in health care. Both want to raise taxes. Both want to commit the U.S. to fanciful climate pacts. Both would return us to the insane Iran nuclear deal. Both would reintroduce many regulations that Donald Trump has done away with.

Under either Biden or Sanders, it would be more difficult to produce and export U.S. energy resources, and it would be virtually impossible to drill offshore. Under either one, the military would be starved for funds.

Once you actually put a Democrat in office, the distinctions between the Democrat and a socialist are insignificant.

Both will try to expand government as much as possible. Both will resist making America’s fighting forces well-equipped and ready for battle. Both will support every regulation and new tax they can. Both will attack the business community at every turn.

Electing a Democrat who is “not a socialist” really doesn’t give us results that are any different than electing the socialist. The only real restraint on either is what Congress will or will not allow.

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So even if the Democrats manage to nominate Biden and not Sanders, they really aren’t giving the American electorate a serious non-socialist choice.

The only person on the ballot who will fit that description will be Donald Trump.

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Herman Cain is former CEO of the National Restaurant Association and a former presidential candidate. He is also an author, business executive, radio host and syndicated columnist.